John R. Sabin

Quantum Theory Project
Department of Physics
University of Florida

  • Email address: sabin at
  • Office: 2316 New Physics Building
  • Phone: 352/392-1597
  • Fax: 352/392-8722

Adjungeret Professor
Department of Physics and Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark

  • Email address: jrs at
  • Office: Kemisk Institut
  • Phone: +45 65 57 43 79
  • Fax: +45 66 15 87 80

Personal Information

Research Interests

My research interests include theoretical studies of energy deposition in materials by swift ions. This includes studies of dipole and generalized oscillator strength distributions and full electron-nuclear dynamics studies of collisions from keV/amu to MeV/amu energies. Emphasis is on molecular and biomolecular targets. Other interests include theoretical prediction of the properties of molecules in high magnetic fields.

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