Some Downloadable Publications

A Sociological Analysis of the Decline of American IR Theory
(International Studies Review, 2016)

WMD, WMD WMD: Securitization through Ritualized Incantation of Ambiguous Phrases
(Review of International Studies, 2015)

WMD: The Career of a Concept
(New Political Science, 2013)

Why Has the United States Not Bombed Iran? The Domestic Politics of
America's response to Iran's Nuclear Program

(Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2011)

The Unrealism of Contemporary Realism:
The Tension between Realist Theory and Realists' Practice

(Perspectives on Politics, 2009)

Can Political Science Emulate the Natural Sciences?
The Problem of Self-Disconfirming Analysis

(Polity, 2006)

Political Science as History: A Reflexive Approach
(in Interpretation and Method, 2nd ed., edited by Yanow and Schwartz-Shea, 2014)