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Associate Professor of History and Director of History Honors Program, University of Florida

Education: BA Cornell University (1992); MA Duke University (1995); PhD Duke University (2000)

Areas of specialization: Modern British history, the British Empire, Atlantic history, empires and imperialism, world history

My first book is about the relationship between Freemasonry and British imperialism. It examines the themes of globalization, identities, imperial power, fraternalism, and masculinity. Since publishing this book, I have written several additional pieces on Freemasonry, delivered various public lectures in the United States and abroad, and given several interviews (see Freemasonry link above).

I am currently working on a study of the Catholic question in the British Empire, focusing on the colonies ceded to Britain during the long eigtheenth century. I am examining attitudes and policies toward the Catholic Church and Catholics, as well as their experiences as "new subjects" of the British Empire.



Contact information:

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(352) 273-3382

Spring 2018:

EUH 3502 Modern Britain

WOH 5932 Empires & Imperialism

Office: 225 Keene Flint Hall

Office hours: Tues 12-2 and Weds 11-1

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