LIN 3201

Sounds of Human Languages

(Phonetics & Phonemics)

Spring 2004

T 7th period, H 7-8th period – AND 19

Drill Sessions TUR Seminar Room 4131-B

Dr. M. J. Hardman

Office Hours:

        Dr. Hardman: Grinter 384 M 11-4pm by appt.

                              Turlington 4123 Tuesday 8th and 9th period (3-5pm)

contact information: e-mail, or


            T.A. LaTosha Csonka: Turlington 4118 W 4th period, H 6th period

                              and Friday by appt.

                              contact information: e-mail,


Needed immediately:

(available at Wild Iris – on University and 8th)

A Language Sampler for Phonetics & Phonemics by M. J. Hardman Andean Press (1996)

A Practical Introduction to Phonetics by J. C. Catford (1988)


Phonemics by Kenneth Pike Ann Arbor, U of Michigan (1947; frequent reprints)

Articulatory Phonetics (1980) by William A. Smalley University Press of America/ on reserve at the language lab for use w/ tapes

Reference Guide to 3201: Sounds of Human Language by Dr. Ratree Wayland U of Florida/ available in linguistic lounge/mailroom TUR

          Course requirements:

         Attendance at lectures including the daily quizzes

           Attendance at Drill Sessions run by the Teaching Assistant

           Listening to the Smalley tapes in the Language Lab (TUR hall)

                   - ask for the Smalley book at the desk, and you can use either

                    cassette tapes or the computers. If you use the computers, use

                    one on the back two rows, and just click on the Smalley icon

           Handing in assigned problems


          Ÿ Test Week

          Exam: Friday, April 30, 2004, 3-5 pm


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