Hearing Many Voices


The goal of this volume is to hear, record, and help others hear some of the breadth and strength of voices of women often not heard. The chapters speak to some aspect of women and language in Japan, South India, Santa Domingo, Europe, Eqypt, as well as Canada and the United States.

Based on muted group theory, the book is divided into two sections. The first section--Softened Voices--includes chapters whose authors themselves are saying messages likely to be softened and those about women whose voices have been offered. Chapters in the second section include a wide variety of voices, including voices muted by silencing or altering.

CONTENTS: Preface. Introduction, Anita Taylor and M.J. Hardman. Language Notes. SOFTENED VOICES. Aizuchi: Some Suggestions for a (Relatively) New Model of Conversation Analysis, Sylvia L. Ashwell. Women and Men in Egyptian Obituaries: Language, Gender, and Identitiy, Mushria Eid. the Power of Women's Vocies in the Practice of Chismeando, Joan Kelly Hall. Gender/Language Subtexts as Found in Literature Anthologies: Mixed Messages, Stereotypes, Silence, Erasure, Mary R. Harmon. I Never Told Anybody and I Desperately Need Someone to Talk To: Problem Pages for Girls -- Research on Italian Teen Magazines, Paola Traverso. Romancing the Earth: Feminized Nature and Maternal/Erotic Metaphors in Recent Eco-enivironmental Literature, Lenora A. Timm. Hit or Myth: The Perpetration of Popular Japanese Stereotypes in Japan-published English Textbooks, Deborah Foreman-Takano. Age, Sex, and Linguistic Judgements: Politeness and "Femininity" in Japanese, Naoko Ogawa. Female-Male Inequality in Japanese Writing, Yasuko Hio. SILENCED OR ALTERED VOICES. Sexism in Japanese Society: Not What We Think It Is, Chieko Koyama. The Identity of Kannadigas Women: A Study of Kinship and Addressal Systems, Susan K. Shear. Who Speaks for North African Women in France, Patricia Geesey. Homeless Women's Inner Voices: Friends or Foes? Dominique M. Gendrin. Cherokee Generative Metaphors, L.R. Perry. Sexual Harassment and Cat Calls in the Black Community, LaTasha LaJourn Farmer. The Stifling of Women's Voices: Men's Messages from Men's Movement Books, David Natharius. Magical Voices, Leilani Cook. The Patriarchal Code: Works Against the Common Good of all Individuals, Louis Goueffic. Author Index. Subject Index.

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