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              :: Family Project : House of a Father   2002 / DV / 52 min.                      
                         produced /directed/edited/written by Yun Jo
An ethnographic portrait of an ordinary Korean family at a moment of great social change,
                         when the extended family system is being deconstructed.


                    Still cut from Family Project :House of a father, 2002
                           @YunJo Production

Beginning with her own personal history, the director considers current hierarchies and dynamics in the Korean family.
                         After spending much of his professional and social life away from the family, her father, a pensioner, realizes that
                         his close relatives have become strangers.
                         The director's mother, a little embarrassed and disapproving of the camera's presence, confesses to her daughter
                         to having repressed her own ambitions and desires for the sake of the family and expresses her bitterness about
                         having been treated with indifference by h er husband, mother-in-law and children.
                         For the children, now adults, communications are also difficult - between themselves and with their parents.

                                Yamagata International Documentaru Film festival, Japan, 2003
Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, Seoul, Korea,2002  - Grand Prize
                                Women’s Film Festival in Torino, Turin, Italy, 2003  - Bronze Award
                                CIinevision, Asian American International Film Festival, New York, USA,2002
                                Pusan International Film Festival, Pusan Korea,2002
                                Asian American Film Showcase, Chicago, USA, 2002                                
                                Air on NHK TV, Japan, 2002

:: An Experiment on Gender and Gesture   2000 / DV installation / 15 min
produced /directed by Yun Jo, Hyejung Cho
                         edited by Yun Jo
                   This piece is a process of questioning naturalized gestures in everyday life.
                          We try to make the gestures unfamiliar so that we can deconstruct the gendered social codes.
                          And we can objectify the gestures by separating them from individuals, to which the gestures are attached,
                          producing certain social codes. Finally, we can deconstruct the social codes inscribed in the gestures.

                               Betty Rymer Gallery,  2002
                               Gallery 2, Chicago, 2001
                               Gallery Boda, Korea,  2001

:: Lost Tree  1999 /16mm /16min
                        Directed /Edited by Yun Jo

:: A Lullaby   1998 / DV / 7 min
Directed /Edited by Yun Jo
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