The Pre-registration date has passed, but if you would like to pay
in advance, please print this form and mail it to:
LSRL 30 Registration
Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures
University of Florida
Box 117405
Gainesville, FL 32611-7405  USA

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Registration Form
Please type or write legibly. Make checks or money orders in US dollars, payable
to LSRL 30. The conference fee includes entrance to all sessions, including the
parasession, a registration packet, nametag, coffee breaks, and admission to
the LSRL 30 Reception Friday evening, February 25. Banquet fees for Saturday
night, February 26, are extra, as noted below.

Registration:                      Faculty: $50                     Student/Unemployed: $25

I will attend the banquet:    ____Yes  (Faculty:  $35)
    (Sat, Feb. 26th)              ____Yes (Student/Unemployed:   $30)

Name : ____________________________________
(as you wish it to appear on your nametag)

Address: ___________________________________


Affiliation: ___________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________

Today's date:__________________________________

Note for non-US registrants: As transmitting money in US currency is sometimes difficult and/or expensive, we are willing to accept your pre-registration without the fees in advance.  Please indicate on your registration form if you choose this option.  We will expect you to pay the registration price upon arrival if your form has been mailed after January 30th.

So that we may provide reasonable accommodations, we ask that you notify us at this time of any disability or special needs (all information you provide will be treated confidentially) .

UF students who work at the conference are eligible for a reduction in registration. Please contact Juanita Casagrande ( or Joaquim Camps ( to volunteer your services.

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