The XXX Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages
The University of Florida, Gainesville (home of LSRL I in 1971)
February 24-27, 2000
'Come home with us'

Thanks to everyone for coming!
Hope to see you in Chicago.

Main Session: Invited Speakers
Maria-Luisa Rivero (University of Ottawa)
Bernard Tranel (UC-Irvine)
Parasession: Current Issues in Romance Language Sociolinguistics
and Second Language Acquisition
Invited Speaker: John Lipski (University of New Mexico)


Outreach Lectures:
D. Gary Miller (University of Florida) and William C. Calin (University of Florida)
Thursday, February 24th, 8pm: Little Hall rm 101
Free and open to the public

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Conference Organizers
Main Session              {

Caroline Wiltshire

Jean Casagrande

Program in Linguistics
(note: Caroline will be out of the country 
April 29-May 14, and June1-15)
PIL, Dept of Romance Langs & Lits
Parasession Joaquim Camps Dept. of Romance Langs & Lits
Housing/Meeting Juanita Casagrande Dept. of Romance Langs & Lits

Special thanks to our external abstract reviewers for their help in making the program a success:
Michel Achard, Joseph Aoun, Julie Auger, Marc Authier, Ignacio Bosque, Barbara Bullock, Andrea Calabrese, J. Clancy Clements, Heles Contreras, Michel deGraf, Anne-Marie DiSciullo, Ralph Fasold, Randall Gess, Grant Goodall, Jorge Guitart, Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach, S.J. Hannahs, Galia Hatav, Julia Herschensohn, José Ignacio Hualde, Haike Jacobs,  Richard Janda, Renée Jourdenais, Ellen Kaisse, Richard Kayne, Paula Kempchinsky, Jurgen Klausenburger, Juana M. Liceras, John M. Lipski, Andrew Lynch, Enrique Mallen, Fernando Martínez-Gil, Diane Massam, Gary Miller, Jean-Pierre Montreuil, Richard Morris, Carole Paradis, Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Lisa Reed, Lori Repetti, Maria Luisa Rivero, Yves Roberge, Ana Roca, Nuria Sagarra, Mario Saltarelli, Lisa Selkirk, Ester Torrego, Christina Tortora, Barbara Vance, Co Vet, Marie-Thérèse Vinet, Dieter Wanner, Ratree Wayland, Ann Wehmeyer, Lydia White, Karen Zagona, Mary L. Zampini, María-Luisa Zubizarreta, and Jan-Worter Zwart

Sponsored by:
At the University of Florida:
Program in Linguistics
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Office of Research, Technology and Graduate Education
English Language Institute