Caroline R. Wiltshire
Department of Linguistics University of Florida
4123 Turlington, Box 115454
Gainesville, FL 32611-5454
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Teaching Experience and Service

Education, Language study

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Supervisory Committees (past)

Teaching Experience and Service

Department of Linguistics, UF--Gainesville

                                                        8/12-5/13: Colonel Allan R. and Margaret G. Crow Term Professor in CLAS

                                                        7/10-8/12: Chair, Linguistics Department

                                                        8/06 to 6/10: Director, Linguistics Program

                                                        7/05 to 8/06: Interim Director

                                                        8/01 to present: Associate Professor

                                                        8/95 to 7/01: Assistant Professor


   Courses Regularly Taught:     Lin3010 Introduction to Linguistics

                                                Lin3201 Sounds of Human Language

                                                Lin 4320/6323 Introduction to Phonology

                                                Lin 6084 Introduction to Graduate Research

                                                Lin6341 Issues in Phonology

Also at UF:  Graduate Exam Committee/Comprehensive Exam Committee
                      Past Graduate Coordinator, Associate Chair, 8/00-7/05
                      Past Faculty Academic and Preview Advisor: CLAS Academic Advising Center
                      Past Advisor to the Linguistics Club

Before UF:
Department of Linguistics, Yale University 9/94 - 6/95: Lecturer with Ph.D.
Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Brown University 9/93 - 6/94: Visiting Assistant Professor
Educational Testing Service September 1992 to August 1993:
               Associate Examiner Critical Reasoning Group, Schools and Higher Education Programs

                1993-1999: Consultant, Outside Review of GRE Analytical Sections

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University of Chicago, Linguistics Department

Specializations: Phonology, Phonetics, Dravidian Languages

Ph.D. with distinction, August 1992

Dissertation: Syllabification and Rule Application in Harmonic Phonology

M.A. in Linguistics, June 1988

Thesis: Syllable Structure in IruLa: the role of one licensing condition in IruLa phonology

Yale College Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Mathematics, June 1986

Brown University, The Center for the Advancement of College Teaching Teaching Certificate, June 1994

Language study

Intensive Telugu: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Summer 1992

Tamil: University of Chicago, 1986-1989

Tamil: American Institute of Indian Studies, 1989-1990, as Junior Fellow,

          Tamil Language Program in Madurai, India

Intensive Malayalam: University of Texas, Austin, Summer 1988

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Recent Articles in Journals and Books

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Recent Articles in Conference Proceedings

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Edited Books  

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Supervisory committees for Graduate Students (in Linguistics unless otherwise indicated)


PhDs Chair:Batais, Saleh
Grad 5/2013
Consonantal and Syllabic Repairs of Arabic and Dutch Loanwords in Indonesian: a Phonological Account

Al-Aghbari, Khalsa
Grad 5/2012
Noun Plurality in Jebbali

Gogoi, Divya Verma
Grad 8/2010

Acquisition of Novel Perceptual Categories in a Third Language: The Role of Metalinguistic Awareness and Feature Generalization


Sarmah, Priyankoo

Grad 5/2009

Tone Systems of Dimasa and Rabha: A Phonetic and Phonological Study


Bray, Jodi P.
Grad 12/2001

Understanding sonority: an acoustic analysis of perceptual cues in English and Russian consonant clusters

PhDs Co-chair:

Wohlmuth-Ramirez, Sonia

Grad 12/2008

Persistence of the Latin Accent in the Nominal System of Castilian, Catalan, and Portuguese (PhD. In Romance Languages)


Habib, Rania
Grad 8/2008

A New Model for Analyzing Sociolinguistic Variation: The Interaction of Social and Linguistic Constraints


Baker, Gary K.
Grad 8/2004

Palatal phenomena in Spanish phonology (PhD in Romance Languages)


Pickering, Lucy
Grad 8/1999

An analysis of prosodic systems in the classroom discourse of native speaker and nonnative speaker teaching assistants


Sawallis, Thomas Grad 8/1996

An autonomous system for quantifying the perceptual use of acoustic speech cues: voicing in intervocalic t/d in French

PhDs Member:Jangjamras, Jirapat
Grad 5/2011
Perception and Production of English Lexical Stress by Thai Speakers
Laphasradakul, Belle
Grad 12/2010
Training Native Speakers of American English to Perceive Thai Tones using High Stimulus Variability
He, Yunjuan
Grad 5/2010
Perception and Production of Isolated and Coarticulated Mandarin Tones by American Learners


Bao, Minghzen
Grad 8/2008

Phonetic Realization and Perception of Prominence among Lexical Tones in Mandarin Chinese


Li, Bin 
Grad 12/2006

Perception and production of English [n] and [l] by Chinese dialect speakers


Al-Khairy, Mohamed
Grad 8/2005

Acoustic characteristics of Arabic fricatives


Park, Heenam
Grad 8/2005

Second language reading: the interrelationships among text adjuncts, students' proficiency levels and reading strategies


Yeon, Sang-hee
Grad 8/2004

Teaching English word-final alveolopalatals to native speakers of Korean


Cesar-Lee, Bernadette
Grad 8/1999

Quantification of accented pronunciation by American English speakers in French-as-a-foreign language setting (PhD in Romance Languages)


Lee, Hyeran
Grad 5/1997

A feature-based account of long-distance anaphora


Maranzana, Elisa M.
Grad 5/1997

Toward a theory of reading acquisition as a synthesis of implicit and explicit learning

MAs  Chair, Thesis:

Chen, Si
Grad 8/2010
New Typology of Japanese Compound Accents and an Analysis in OT
  Ballard, Lee
Grad 5/2010
Akan Vowel Harmony in Optimality Theory

Chappell, Milla
Grad 8/2008

The Role of First-Language Transfer and Universal Markedness in Second-Language Production and Perception of Word-final Obstruents and Obstruent Clusters


Welch, William
Grad 8/2006

Aspects of Zarma-Songhay Tonal Phonology


Moon, Russell
Grad 12/2002

A comparison of the acoustic correlates of focus in Indian English and American English


Hendricks, Rodger E.
Grad 12/1997

Connectionist modeling of tone spread in Mende


Anuszewski, Patricia
Grad 8/1997

Regarding the representation and organization of the nodes larynx and tongue root in a three-dimensional manner

MA Chair, Non-Thesis:

Gavrin, Jeong A Ahn
Grad 8/1999



Bray, Jodi
Grad 5/1/1998


MA Member, Thesis: 

Litzenberg, Jason
Grad 12/2003

Yes/No-Question intonation of native speakers and international teaching assistants in academic discourse


Monahan, Philip
Grad 5/2003

Backward object control in Korean


Hill, Rebecca
Grad 5/2001

Production and perception of authentic and feigned Spanish accents


Gomez-Canseco, Juan
Grad 5/2000

El infinitivo tras verbos de movimiento en castellano medieval: reccióón directa vs. preposicional en seis texto téécnicos de los siglos XIII, XIV, y XV  (MA in Spanish)


Hansen, Kathryn
Grad 8/1998

Is there a basis for stress-timed rhythm? eight languages compared


Liljegren, Kristin
Grad 5/1997

Syncopation and syllabification: how rock and popular music rhythms affect the French schwa (MA in French)


Moyna, Marie Irene
Grad 12/1996

The evolution of verbal voseo in Rio de la Plata Spanish: Evidence from plays and popular songs between 1880 and 1930.

MA Member, Non-thesis:

Blakemore, Heather
Grad 12/1998


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