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Conspiracy Theory in Latin Literature

Companion to Tacitus

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Conspiracy Narratives

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


  • 1997.        Ph.D. Classical Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago
  • 1990.        M.A. Classical Studies, University of Michigan
  • 1988.        B.A. Latin, magna cum laude,  Kent State University


  • "Tacitus Plus: The Poetics of Disguise," directed by W. Ralph Johnson.


  • 2010-        University of Florida, Gainesville, Professor and Chair
  • 2005-10.   University of Florida, Gainesville, Associate Professor with tenure.
  • 2005.        University of Wisconsin, Madison, Associate Professor with tenure.
  • 1998-05.  University of Wisconsin, Madison, Assistant Professor tenure track.
  • 1997-98.  University of Florida, Gainesville, Assistant Professor tenure track.

Post Doctoral Grants and Awards

  • 2012.  University of Florida Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Grant
  • 2011.    University of Florida Office of Sustainability, Sustainable Solutions Award in Academics
  • 2010.    University of Florida "Prairie Project" Sustainability Fellow
  • 2010.    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year
  • 2009.      University of Florida Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Grant
  • 2008-09.      Waldo W. Neikirk Term Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Florida
  • 2007.  University of Florida Department of Classics, Spring semester leave
  • 2006.  University of Florida Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Grant
  • 2005.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Grant, declined
  • 2004.  American Association of University Women Research Grant
  • 2004.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Grant, declined
  • 2002-03.  Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship
  • 2002.  University of Wisconsin Institute for Research in the Humanities
  • 2001.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Service Grant
  • 2001.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Grant
  • 2000.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Grant
  • 1999.  University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Grant
  • 1998-99.  Ford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Minorities



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In Progress

Tacitus Encyclopedia. Oxford and Boston: Blackwell Publishing.  Commissioned as editor.

London: I. B Tauris & Co. Publishers. Under contract.

Conferences and Invited Lectures (Last Three Years)

2013 Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Guest Lecturer, Hendrix College, Conway, AR.

2013 "Fear in the Agricola," Celtic Conference in Classics, Bordeaux.

2011. “Suspicion in Suetonius,” finalist for the position of John and Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor of Latin, Washington University in St Louis, February 4.

2010 “Making Silence Speak: Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice,” NEH Conference on Ovid and Ovidanism, University of Richmond, April 16-17.

2010 Respondent for Langford Conference on divine visitation, Florida State, February 26-27.

2010 “Debating Violence in Vergil and Sallust,” Eta Sigma Phi lecture, University of South Florida, February 11.

2009 Respondent for “Fear in the Ancient World,” sponsored by the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, UF, Gainesville, November 14.

2009 “Forestalling Violence,” Keynote Address, Classical Association of the Canadian West, Winnipeg, March 7.

2009 “High Fidelity: The Commentary in the Classroom,” University of British Columbia, Vancouver, March 3.

2008  “Spartacus to Cicero: From Conspiracy to Conspiracy Theory,” University of North Carolina Greensboro, September 25.

2008.  “Conspiracy in the Satires of Juvenal,” Classical Association of Middle West and South (CAMWS), Tucson, April 18.

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2008.  “The Power of the Preface from Statius to Pliny,” Classical Association (CA), Liverpool UK, March 27-30.

2008.  "Conspiracy Theory in Terence's Hecyra," American Philological Association (APA), Chicago, January 5.

Services (Last Five Years)

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