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The following clicks represent the most comprehensive and sophisticated Search Engines, WebLinks, and WebSites that I can find.  Because research skills are important and continue to change, learning how to make electronic searches is an increasingly critical component of academic and daily life.  This WebSite provides simple access to major facilities in History and the History of Science.  It emphasizes European History from Antiquity through the 18th Century.  But there is something here for everyone. Give it a test drive.  If you are not familiar with on-line, data-base, and search procedures, this is a good place to begin.  The Clicks provided below open Major Highways that often lead to fruitful Back-Water Paths.  Follow the clues where ever they lead.  Part of the fun is not knowing what you might find.  Along the way, pay particular attention to differences in how information is sliced & diced, note strengths & weaknesses of the various organizational designs & search techniques. RAH.

National Catalogues - World Wide
Gabriel - National Libraries of Europe - via BL-London
British Library (London)
Cambridge University Library - UK
Oxford University Library - UK
The Royal Society of London
COPAC - The UK & Ireland
UK Higher Education Library Catalogues
Archives Hub - UK Archives - Search & Links
Bibliothèque nationale (Paris)
Catalogue collectif de France
Library of Congress (Washington DC)
Houghton - Catalogue {Hollis} Search
New York Public Library


His-Sci Research - History of Science Society
ECHO - His-Sci-Tech - History of Science Sites
Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Google for Scholars - Academic Sources & Citations

Google Scholar
Ixquick Metasearch

Web Search

Also Try These Search Individual Engines...
Northern Light

Some New Kids On the Block - Cool


Ancient World Web - Resources - Ancient Studies
Classical Clicks - Resources in Classical Studies 
Perseus {Greek & Latin Texts}
Medieval Source Book - Resources & Links 
Medieval - Labyrinth - Resources Medieval Studies
Medieval - Renaissance - Iter - Electronic Resources
Reformation Page - Resources & Links 
Renaissance Texts - Ceres - English
Renaissance Women Online - Electronic Texts
Early Modern - Latin Library - Primary - Neo - Latin 
Early Modern Texts - Primary Texts - Vernacular
Scientific Revolution Page - Resources - Texts - Links 
History of Mathematics - Electronic Texts - U. Michigan
Historical Math Monographs - Cornell University
Eighteenth Century Studies - Search Engine & Links 
Voice of the Shuttle - History, Lit, Texts, Theory 
French Literature & Texts - History, Texts, Theory
The French Connection - 10,000 Topical Links!
Euro-Docs - Primary Texts - Europe 
Digital History - History Electronic Texts
Historical Texts Archive- Historical Texts - Europe 

History Links - World Wide - All You Need!
History Departments - World Wide  - All You Need!
Scholarly Societies - World Wide  - All You Need!
Internet Libraries - World Wide - All You Need!

Selected Scholarly Journals On-Line

Digital Librarian - Electronic & Digital Texts

Project Muse - On-Line Scholarly Journals - Good Start!

History Co-Op - On-Line History Journals - AHA & OAH

JSTOR - On-Line Journals - UF Connection

Scholarly Books On-Line - PDF & HTML

EEBO - Early English Books On-Line- UF Connection

Gallica-2000 - On-Line Books - 15 Million Pages

ABU - Bibliothèque Universelle - Books - French Classics

Perseus {Greek & Latin Texts}

Electronic Texts History {Generous Listing}

Early Modern - Latin Library - Primary - Neo - Latin

Renaissance Texts - Primary Texts

Early Modern Texts - Primary Texts - Vernacular

Digital Library - U-Penn - Books - Classics - Scholarly

Digital Texts - Books - Scholarly - Literary - Classics

ETexts - U-Virginia - EBooks - Scholarly - Classics

World ETexts Library - EBooks - Scholarly - Classics

Electronic Books On-Line

E-Books - Introduction - E-Books Getting Started
E-Book Listing - E-Book Collection Catalogue - UF

Electronic Books - Publishers & Dealers

Alex - Books-On-Line Catalogue
Bartleby - Books-On-Line Catalogue
Electronic Texts Center - Books-On-Line Catalogue
Gutenberg - Books-On-Line Catalogue

Digital Texts - Past & Future - Overview
Digital History - Essay & Commentary
Google Universal Library - Google Press Release
Google - U Michigan - Press Release

Web - UF Quick-Links - UF - Eureka & Others
Web - UF WebLuis - UF - Catalogues & Links
Web - UF Catalogue Search Page - UF & Others
Rare Books - History of Science - UF - Special Collections
History:  UF History Guide - UF History Collections 
Journals - UF Library - University of  Florida - Journals 
Journals - History of Sci-Tech-Med - World
Journals - History of Sci-Tech-Med - UF
History of Science - HPS Guide {UF - Connections}
HPS - Landmarks of Science Index {UF - Microfilm}
UF Collections - Research Possibilities - Overview
General UF Sites  {UF - E-Mail & Telephone Numbers}
General Reference & Information - Dictionaries etc 

Alliance of Digital Texts - Digital Humanities Resources

ACLS - Draft Report - Cyberinfrastructure - Strategic Digital Humanities

AAU Report - Reinvigorating the Humanities - Including Digital Initiatives

Graduate Student Resources - How to Survive - etc



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