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Lesson Plans - Darwin & Evolution  -  Excellent Site   
History of Science Study Guide  -  Origins to Newton   
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Resources for Historians
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National Science Teaching Home Page
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How to Use the Web - History & History of Science Introduction

History Web Introduction - Virtual Web Tour for Historians
HPS Web Introduction - Virtual Web Tour for History of Science

Window on the Universe
Galileo Galilei   {The Galileo Project}
Scientific Revolution - Resources & Clicks
ECHO - Resources - HST&M
The Big Guys -   Newton - Darwin - Freud - Einstein

Great Stuff to Read - Classics from the Canon

Primary Readings - {Copernicus to Newton et al.}
The Western Canon - {Great Men, Great Books}
Other Things to Read - {More Classics}

Some Diversity, Please

Black History Tour
Women in World History
Women in Science

Practical Writing - Classic Clicks

Basic Usage - (Q & A - References)
The Writing Place - Lots of Clicks!

Finding & Entering College & University

College-Net - College Info
College-View - More Info
College-Board - SAT- Exams & More
Undergraduate Guide to the History of Science  

Just For Fun!

Science on Postage Stamps! - For Kids of All Ages!
Science on Printed Money! - For Kids of All Ages!

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