Boulliau Home Page: Biography, Manuscripts, Resources, Iconography, Correspondence Networks, Planetary Theory; Aftershock Planetary Models

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Boulliau    Brief Biographical Sketch 
Boulliau    Correspondence Network
Collection Boulliau    BN Paris - ffr 13019-13059
Calendar Boulliau     A Comprehensive Calendar
Boulliau Letters    Letter Projects in Progress

Other Boulliau Topics:

Boulliau Iconography  Etchings - Oils - Medals
Boulliau Publications   Printed Sources - Book Census
Boulliau Buddies    Gallery - Portraits & Etchings
Mira Ceti    Marvellous Star in the Neck of the Whale
Bullialdus Estates   Lunar Madness
Boulliau's Conical Hypothesis    Planetary Theory

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