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Basic Concepts - Historical Background

Basic Concepts    -  Retrograde Motion of the Planets {Apparent}
Basic Concepts    -  Stellar Parallax {Virtually Absent}
The Aristotelian Cosmos    -  Closed - Cozy - Qualitative
The Ptolemaic Model     -  Circle-on-Circle - Orb-in-Orb
The Copernican System   -  Plato's Dictum Revisited
The Tychonic Model   -  A Geoheliocentric Model
Other Possibilities   -  Kircher's  Iter extaticum coeleste (1660)

Copernicus' Problem:

Copernicus' Problem   -  Ptolemy's Monster
Copernicus Principle  - Plato's Dictum
Copernicus' Legacy   -   Cosmological Explanation of Real Motions

Galileo's Problem:

Galileo's Problem   -  The Problem of Circular Fall {1632}
Galileo's Principle  - Planetary Motion is Un-Caused {Inertia}
Galileo's Legacy  - Kinematic Unity - Why Platonic Cosmogony?

Kepler's Problem:

Kepler's Mystery   - The Platonic Solids {1596}
Kepler's First Two 'Laws'  -  Ellipse & Area 'Laws' {1609}
Kepler's Harmonic 'Law'   -  Musical Interlude {1618} 
Kepler's Legacy  - Locating Planets:  Time - Place - Distance 

Boulliau's Problem:

Boulliau's Planetary Theory  -  Background
Boulliau's Cosmological Principles - Astronomia Philolaica {1645}
Boulliau's Planetary TheoryAstronomia Philolaica {1645}
Boulliau's Theory Described - Borelli's Objections {1666}
Boulliau on Borelli - Boulliau to Leopold {Unpublished - 1666}
Boulliau's Planetary Theory - Constructing the Cone - Details 
Boulliau's Planetary Theory - Flat-Land Perspectives - Small & Large
Boulliau's Planetary Theory - Cosmic Construct - Netscape-Flash!
Boulliau's Planetary Model - 2D & 3D - Explorer-Only-Flash! 
Boulliau's Modified Elliptical Hypothesis - 1657 & Later Variations

Newton's Problem:

Newton's Problem   -  Newton & the Problem of the Planets
Newton's Principle  - Newton, Galileo & Plato's Cosmogony
Newton's Mystery  - Gravity & the Problem of the Planets

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