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The following provides a general overview. The following links represent major scholarly resources for scholars, teachers, and students interested in primary printed sources, unpublished manuscripts, and access to scholarly journals. The descriptions below offer a brief introduction. For additional information about specific holdings and precise title, please consult the individual pages at this site for EEBO, GALLICA, and Other electronic information technology. Please note that EEBO and JSTOR are accessible by subscription; GALLICA is free of charge, as are other sites offering free access to primary printed sources. RAH  

EEBO - Early English Books Online - EEBO

EEBO - Early English Books Online - Contains page images, in Adobe PDF format, of 125,000 books (22.5 million pages) covering the years 1473-1700, as listed in the Pollard and Redgrave, Wing, and Thomason Tracts catalogs. With its substantial coverage of printed material found in England between 1473 and 1700, EEBO provides rich research possibilities for students interested in a wide variety of topics in early modern studies. For information About the Collection see the EBBO WebSite for the following: About Early English Books Online and About Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue and About Wing's Short-Title Catalogue and About the Thomason Tracts and About Early English Books Tract Supplement. For further information, see EBBO Featured Content. . The selection and scholarly possibilities are simply staggering in scope and implication. The vast majority of texts are in English.

GALLICA - Bibliothèque Nationale Paris - GALLICA

GALLICA - The official site of the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris) contains page images, in Adobe PDF format, for hundreds of thousands of books covering all periods and virtually all nations. Thanks to the generosity of the French nation, the world has for several years now enjoyed free access to some 15 million pages of classics texts, volumes representing the span of history that cut across national boundaries as well as disciplines and themes. The Gallica WebSite is associated with one of the premier research libraries in the world, the Bibliothèque Nationale - Paris. The GALLICA search, retrieval, and download system is simple and free of cost. Users will experience a banquet of possibilities, but only a brief taste of what will unfold in the near future. As with other sites, most texts are in PDF format. To search, go to the GALLICA site and click on Recherche. Type in author, title, or search by subject.

Enluminures - Bibliothèque Nationale Paris - Enluminures

JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive - JSTOR

JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive, JSTOR, contains contains page images, in Adobe PDF format, for hundreds of thousands of journal articles for most scholarly disciplines. For information about JSTOR, obtaining access, and listing of the journal available electronically, see the 'About' section at the JSTOR site. Most of the hundreds of journals are published in English, and the site contains excellent services for searching, browsing, retrieval, and downloading. Background articles for the primary topical themes can be found easily at JSTOR. As with other sites, texts are in PDF format. To search, go to the JSTOR site and click on Search or Browse. Complete instructions are available at the JSTOR site for searching by author, title, subject, etc.

Digital Humanities

Over the last decade the humanities, by some lights, have undergone a revolution of sorts, or at least new opportunities and unprecedented challenges have appeared in the form of digital texts and images that have changed daily research and teaching.  As examples of these opportunities in literature, history, and related fields are subscription services such as EEBO & TCP, and more recently, EECO.  Early English Books Online, a classic example, has made available every work printed in English to the year 1700; Eighteenth Century Collections Online (EECO) will soon do the same for the 18th century.  In addition to subscription services, a number of free-access website are providing ever wider research opportunities with primary texts, among them, Gallica (Bibliotheque nationale, Paris). Readers may wish to take a few moments to browse some basic sites on digital humanities.

Introductory Essay
John Unsworth:  'What is Humanities Computing & What is Not?'
Primary Texts
Early English Books Online (EEBO)
Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
Association for Literary & Linguistic Computing
Association for Computers & the Humanities
UCLA Center for Digital Humanities
Digital Humanities Blog
Council on Library & Information Resources

ACLS - Draft Report
Commision on Cyberinfrastructure for Humanities and Social Sciences

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