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Professor Robert A. Hatch  -  University of Florida

The following links represent a sampling and gateway for exploring the use of primary printed sources in digital format. Not all of the following texts are appropriate for scholarly publication but most are useful for research or as advanced resources for teaching research, and hence may be of interest to scholars as well as teachers and students. There are also several links to unpublished manuscripts and scholarly secondary sources. What follows is intended as a selected introduction to several sites with emphasis on texts related to the Scientific Revolution. For more complete information about additional holdings of the selected sites please consult or search the selected sites themselves, most of which have browse and search functions. RAH  


Principal Electronic Sites - Primary Texts & Research Resources

JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive - JSTOR

EEBO - Early English Books Online - EEBO

GALLICA - Bibliothèque Nationale Paris - GALLICA


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