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Professor Robert A. Hatch  -  University of Florida

The following sites represent additional resources for scholars, teachers, and students interested in primary printed sources, unpublished manuscripts, and scholarly secondary sources, principally journal articles. What follows is a brief introduction and overview to several of these sites. For additional information about other specific holdings please consult the individual sites themselves, most of which have both browse and search functions. RAH  

JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive - JSTOR

JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive, JSTOR, contains contains page images, in Adobe PDF format, for hundreds of thousands of journal articles for most scholarly disciplines. For information about JSTOR, obtaining access, and listing of the journal available electronically, see the 'About' section at the JSTOR site. Most of the hundreds of journals are published in English, and the site contains excellent services for searching, browsing, retrieval, and downloading. Background articles for the primary topical themes can be found easily at JSTOR. As with other sites, texts are in PDF format. To search, go to the JSTOR site and click on Search or Browse. Complete instructions are available at the JSTOR site for searching by author, title, subject, etc.

Electronic Sites - Primary Texts & Research Resources

EEBO - Early English Books Online - EEBO

GALLICA - Bibliothèque Nationale Paris - GALLICA

HMC-UM - Historical Mathematics Collection - HMC-UM

CERES - Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service - CERES

HTI-UM - Humanities Text Initiative - HTI-UM

RET-UT - Renaissance Electronic Texts - RET-UT

SCI-REV-HATCH - Scientific Revolution - Selected Primary Texts - SCI-REV-HATCH


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