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GALLICA  -  The Bibliothèque Nationale -  Paris 
Professor Robert A. Hatch  -  University of Florida

GALLICA, presented to the world by the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris), the national library of France, represents one of the premier resources for primary printed texts for scholars, teachers, and students. Many of its holdings, which can be downloaded free of charge, represent the Early Modern period, including the Scientific Revolution (Copernicus to Newton). What follows is a detailed introduction and overview of some of the holdings of GALLICA. For the convenience of the reader, the titles of available printed works (most in PDF format) have been arranged by topic. Some of the categories are, or will appear, anachronistic. Nevertheless, these listings are intended to provide a clearer idea of the holdings of GALLICA and to guide potential users to specific texts available at the site. Again please note that GALLICA is accessible to all users free of charge. RAH  

GALLICA - Bibliothèque Nationale Paris - GALLICA

GALLICA - The official site of the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris) contains page images, in Adobe PDF format, for hundreds of thousands of books covering all periods and virtually all nations. Thanks to the generosity of the French nation, the world has for several years now enjoyed free access to some 15 million pages of classics texts, volumes representing the span of history that cut across national boundaries as well as disciplines and themes. The Gallica WebSite is associated with one of the premier research libraries in the world, the Bibliothèque Nationale - Paris. The GALLICA search, retrieval, and download system is simple and free of cost. Users will experience a banquet of possibilities, but only a brief taste of what will unfold in the near future. As with other sites, most texts are in PDF format. To search, go to the GALLICA site and click on Recherche. Type in author, title, or search by subject.

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