Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

University of Florida 

3219 Turlington Hall                                         PHONE: (352) 294-7177
P.O. Box 117330                                               
Gainesville, FL 32611-7330                             E-MAIL: tkcox@ufl.edu

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Research Interests:


Courses Regularly Taught:



Selected Publications (since 2007):


·         Glicksman, Allen, and Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox. 2017. “The Older American Jewish Population: Findings from the Pew Study.” Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging, 29, 75-85. doi: 10.1080/15528030.2017.1319892.

·         Arnold, Christa L., Justin J. Coran, and Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox. 2016. “Listening Skills and the Medical Encounter: Perceptions from Practicing Physicians.” The Florida Communication Journal, 44, 1-10. 

·         Oh, Hunhui, Monika Ardelt, and Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox. 2016. “Daughters’ Generation: The Importance of Having Daughters Living Nearby for Older Korean Immigrants’ Health.”  Journal of Family Issues. Published online March 18, 2016. doi:10.1177/0192513X16640023.




Presentations and Works in Progress:

·         Koropeckyj-Cox, Tanya, and Sierra Schnable *. “Childlessness and Parenthood: Perceptions of Hypothetical Different-Sex and Female Same-Sex Couples.” Mini-Conference on Sociology of Reproduction, Annual Meetings, Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, February 2017.

·         Koropeckyj-Cox, Tanya, and Sierra Schnable *. “Intersections of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Parent Status: Students’ Perceptions of Childlessness and Motherhood in Lesbian Couples. Mini-Conference on Sociology of Reproduction, Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, March 2016.

·         Xie, Chen *, and Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox. “Intermarriage and Economic Assimiliation of U.S. New Immigrants: A Multi-Level Study across Countries of Origin.”  Annual Meetings, American Sociological Association, New York, August 2013.


·         Koropeckyj-Cox, Tanya, and Orli Zaprir *. “Changes in U.S. Attitudes about Childlessness.” Annual Meetings, Eastern Sociological Society, New York, NY, February 2012.

·         Koropeckyj-Cox, Tanya, Zeynep Copur, and Alin M. Ceobanu.  "Attitudes about childlessness: Cross national comparisons and methodological observations."  Presented at the European Population Conference, Vienna Austria, September 2010.




Professional Activities and Affiliations:

Sociology and Demography: American Sociological Review, Canadian Studies in Population, Demography, European Sociological Review, Journal of Population Research, Population Research and Policy Review, Social Forces, The Sociological Quarterly

Sociology of Family: Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Journal of Family Issues, Journal of Marriage and Family

Gerontology and Sociology of Aging and Life Course: Ageing and Society, Canadian Journal on Aging, International Journal of Aging and Human Development, International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences

Sociology of Gender and Women’s Studies: Gender & Society, Sex Roles, Women's Health International

Sociology of Health, Health Care, Social Psychology: British Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Social Biology

·         Co-Organizer, Mini-Conference on Sociology of Reproduction, Annual Meetings, Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, February 2017.

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