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Fall 2016 (starting Aug. 22)


    2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


    10:30 am– 11:30 am

     or by appointment


Feel free to email me at with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, Ph.D.

             Associate Professor, Sociology           

Research Interests

·     Gender, Childlessness, and Singlehood over the Life Course

·     Marriage, Families, and Fertility

·     Social Demography

·     Families, Aging, and the Life Course in the U.S. and Europe

·     Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

·     Attitudes about Childlessness, Gender, Family, and Population Issues in the U.S. and Cross-nationally

·     Mental and Physical Health, Cultural Competence and Communication in Health Care

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