Terry Harpold (PhD, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, University of Pennsylvania) is Associate Professor of English at the University of Florida. His research and teaching interests include environmental humanities, science fiction and film, animal studies, digital humanities, image-text studies, and psychoanalysis. He is a member of UF’s Digital Humanities Working Group, co-founder of the Science Fiction Working Group, and founder of UF’s Imagining Climate Change initiative. From 2013–16 he was the Department of English’s Director of Graduate Student Teaching and General Education. For 2017–2020 he is University of Florida Term Professor.

His book Ex-foliations: Reading Machines and the Upgrade Path was published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2008. With Daniel Compère and Volker Dehs, he is co-editor of Collectionner l’Extraordinaire, sonder l’Ailleurs. Essais sur Jules Verne en hommage à Jean-Michel Margot (Encrage Edition / L’Association des Amis du Roman Populaire, 2015). Recent essays by Harpold have appeared in journals such as Digital Humanities Quarterly, Galaxies, ImageTexT, Science Fiction Film and Television, Science Fiction Studies, and Verniana; and in edited collections such as The Cambridge History of Science Fiction (2019) and Los viajes extraordinarios de Jules Verne (2018).

He is a member of the editorial boards of ImageTexT, Postmodern Culture, and The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction; a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Verniana: Jules Verne Studies / Etudes Jules Verne; and a Trustee of the Board of Directors of the North American Jules Verne Society. In 2010–11, he was the Chair of the international jury for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards. In 2014, Harpold founded the International Association for the Fantastic in the Art’s annual Walter James Miller Memorial Award for Student Scholarship in the International Fantastic. He is also Director of the IAFA’s Jamie Bishop Memorial Award for critical essays on the fantastic written in a language other than English.

His articles and chapters in press (April 2019) include essays on the middle voice in the graphic eco-nonfiction of Philippe Squarzoni, and Jules Verne’s interest in the 1888 Mars opposition and contemporaneous debates regarding the evidence for life on Mars.

His current writing projects include essays on counter-realist discourse in Claire Vaye Watkins’s 2015 novel Gold Fame Citrus; climate dharma in Yann Quero’s 2011 novel Le Procès de l’Homme Blanc [The Trial of the White Man]; vegetarianism and veganism in the fiction of obsessively carnist Jules Verne; Verne’s depictions of U.S. abolitionist John Brown; an edited collection of essays on “Science Fiction, Radical Visioning, and Social Justice” (coedited with Karina Vado); and a book-length project, Des leçons d’abîme, on image-text “relays” in Verne’s illustrated fiction.


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