WOH 3233/REL 3938
Fall 2010

  History of Christianity, c.100 to c.1300

(Martyrs, Monks, Crusaders)


Left: Ethiopia, 11th century:  Bishop Marianos under protection of Madonna and Child
Right: Egypt, 6th or 7th century: St. Menas designated by Christ as his trusted colleague and adviser

Prof. Andrea Sterk
Office: 225 Keene-Flint Hall

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Class:  FAB (=Fine Arts B) 105, MW 7th period
e-mail:   sterk@ufl.edu

Phone:  273-3383 (o); 264-7717 (h)-before 10:00 pm!

Co-Teachers (Discussion Section Leaders):
Anna Lankina
Rebecca Devlin

Course Description:
        This course surveys the history of world Christianity from its status as a persecuted minority religion of the Roman Empire to its position of dominance in the civilizations of medieval Europe and Byzantium.  We will study not only the emerging western (Latin) tradition but Christian traditions in Asia and Africa as well reflecting the wide geographical and cultural scope of ancient and medieval Christianity.  In addition to examining major figures, institutions, and ideas, we will pay special attention to issues of unity and diversity within the Christian movement; the relationship between Christianity and culture; the "losers" as well as the "winners" in theological debates; Christian encounters with pagans, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists; the roles of women in the church; and various expressions of spirituality which flourished in the Middle Ages.

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Other Useful Links:

       The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
      The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
      The Online Reference Book (for primary sources and secondary information)
      The Labyrinth (many primary sources)