Schedule of Lectures and Readings
(Subject to slight variation; be sure to check this website regularly for readings and assignments!)

Note on readings:  Textbook readings are listed for the week.  The textbook reading should be completed by the end of each week.  The primary source readings are listed under different days of the week and should be read by the day under which they are assigned.  You should be prepared to discuss the primary-source readings in your discussion sections where there will be a 1-page response paper or a 3-page cycle paper due every week except for weeks 1, 8, and 14.  Be sure to print out any necessary documents and bring them and/or your reader to your Thursday discussion section.

HWCM = Dale Irvin & Scott Sunquist, History of the World Christian Movement (your textbook for the course)
RWCH = John Coakley & Andrea Sterk, eds., Readings in World Christian History. Earliest Christianity to 1453 (your main sourcebook for the course)

READING & ASSIGNMENTS (to be completed by date listed)

Week 1 - Introduction to the Course; Christian Beginnings

Textbook Reading: HWCM, chs. 1-3, pp. 1-44  & 66-71 (for context of Pliny/Trajan correspondence).
How to Read A Document (Useful suggestions for all your readings!)

M, 8/23 Introductions and Course Overview
Rise & Early Spread of Christianity

W, 8/25
The Rise of Christianity: Jewish, Hellenistic, & Roman Contexts
  • Gospel of Mark, Matthew, 5-7, 1 Corinthians 15:1-28 (Use any version of the Bible; if you don't have one, click here for an on-line version); 
  • The Gospel of Thomas, RWCH, 5-12
F, 8/27
Discussion Section:  Introductions, Information, etc.

Week 2 - Christian Beginnings; Geography & Diversity

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, chs. 4-9, pp. 47-96; be sure to do all the primary source reading by Friday!

M, 8/30
Internal Developments
  • Didache, RWCH, 12-16; Hippolytus of Rome, 17-22; Justin Martyr, Second Apology, 37-43
W, 9/1
External Expansion and the Roman Response (2nd-early 3rd century)
F, 9/3 Discussion:  Justin's Apology; Choose Cycles for short papers

Week 3 - Early Challenges; Martyrs & Martyrdom

Textbook Reading:  Review HWCM,  80-81 (on Marcion) & 86-91; HWCM, 99-152.  Get started reading martyrdom accounts.

W, 9/8
Heresy, Orthodoxy, and the Bible: The Gnostic Challenge
F, 9/10 Discussion:  Martyrdom

Week 4 - Christianity & Culture; the Constantinian Era

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, 166-183

M, 9/13
Christianity and Pagan Culture:  Confrontation & Integration
W, 9/15
Constantine, Christianity, & Culture
Th, 9/16
7:30, Rm. 1A, Smathers Lib.
Special Recommended Lecture:
"Death and Renewal:  Books & Libraries in Late Antique Egypt," Professor Roger Bagnall, NYU
  • Extra Credit Assignment Available for those who attend!
F, 9/17
Discussion: A "Christian" Roman Emperor
  • Eusebius of Caesarea, Life of Constantine [excerpts], RWCH, 87-97; questions for reflection and discussion listed.

Week 5 - Theology & Politics; Monasticism

Textbook Reading
:  HWCM, 155-183 & 209-214

M, 9/20
Theology & Politics in the Roman Empire
M, 9/22
Mothers & Fathers of the Desert: The Rise of the Monastic Movement
  • Athanasius of Alexandria, Life of Anthony of Egypt, RWCH, 131-144;
  • Palladius, Lausiac History, 155-158
T, 9/24
Discussion:  Christian Monasticism

Week 6 - Christianity on the Frontiers

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, 184-208, 220-239

M, 9/27
Elite Christian Culture & Popular Piety
M, 9/29             On and Beyond the Roman Frontiers
  • Auxentius of Durostorum, Letter on the Life and Work of Ulfila, Apostle to the Goths, RWCH, 102-105;
  • "The Martyrdom of Martha...Daughter of the Covenant," 110-112
  • The Christianization of  Ethiopia, RWCH, 107-108
T, 10/1
Discussion:  Christianity & Christianzation in Persia, the Caucasus, & on the Danube Frontier

  • Auxentius, On the Life and Work of Ulfila, Apostle to the Goths
  • "The Martyrdom of Martha...Daughter of the Covenant," 110-112
  • Agathangelos, History of the Armenians, RWCH, 122-130
  • The Christianization of Georgia, RWCH, 108-109
  • Papers Due:  Cycle C - on any single text or comparison of texts

Week 7 - Parting of Ways between East & West

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, 184-194, review 231-234 (on Augustine)

M, 10/4
Augustine of Hippo and Western Christianity
  • Get started on Confessions, Books 6-8
W, 10/6
Christology & the Churches of the East
Th, 10/8
Discussion:  Augustine of Hippo
  • Augustine, Confessions, Books 6-8
  • Recommended:  Augustine, Confessions, all of Books 1-9
  • Papers Due:  Cycle A 

Week 8 - Africa before Islam; Early Byzantine Christianity & Mission

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, 209-219; 240-254

M, 10/11
Justinian, Byzantine Christianity, & Developments in the West
  • The Christianization of Nubia, RWCH, 188-192
W, 10/13
Midterm Exam (in class)
  • No new reading.  Study for exam!
F, 10/15
 Homecoming:  No discussion sections
  • Start reading for next week!

Week 9 - Rise of Islam; Christianity in Asia
Textbook Readings:  HWCM, chatper 22, 23, and 25

M, 10/18
The Rise and Impact of Islam
  • Apology of Patriarch Timothy of Baghdad before the Caliph Mahdi, RWCH, 231-242
W, 10/20
Monks, Merchants & Heretics:  Christianity en route to China
  • Inscription of the Monument at Xian, RWCH, 243-247
F, 10/22
Discussion:  Christians Encounter Islamic & Buddhist Worlds
  • Apology of Patriarch Timothy with the Caliph, RWCH, 231-242
  • Inscription of the Monument at Xian, 243-247; Chinese Christian Sutras, 247-251
  • Papers Due:  Cycle B 

Week 10 - The Making of Western Christendom

Textbook Reading:  HWCM,  chs. 26-27, pp. 323-353 (after midterm)

M, 10/25
Monks & Their Missions: The "Christianization" of  Northern Europe
  • Bede, A History of the English Church and People, RWCH, 258-264
  • Rudolf of Fulda, Life of Leoba, 264-270
W, 10/27
Charlemagne & the Carolingian Church:  The Consolidation of Roman Catholic Christianity
  • The Heliand.  The Saxon Gospel, Songs 1, 5, 16-19, 24, and 68-69, RWCH, 271-280
  • Recommended: Hrosvit of Gandersheim, Dulcitus, RWCH, 280-284; Donation of Constantine
F, 10/29
Discussion:  Contextualizing the Gospel for Northern & Western Europe
  • Excerpts from Bede and The Heliand (RWCH 258-264 & 271-280)
  • Papers Due:  Cycle C

Week 11 - Byzantine Christianity

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, chs. 28-29, pp.354-380

M, 11/1
Byzantine Christianity: Spirituality & Art
W, 11/3
Rome, Byzantium & the Slavs:
Christianizing East & Central Europe
  • Letters of Patriarch Phtoius & Pope Nicholas I on Disputed Issues, RWCH, 297-302;
  • Life of Constantine [Cyril], RWCH, 302-310
  • The Christianization of Russia according to the Russian Primary Chronicle, RWCH, 310-315
F, 11/5
Discussion:  Byzantine Christianity and Mission
  • Byzantine texts from 11/1 & 11/3
  • Papers Due: Cycle A 

Week 12 - Reforming & Defending Christendom

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, Part VI and Chs. 30-31, pp.383-405

M, 11/8
Monks, Popes & Emperors:  Movements of Reform
W, 11/10
The Crusading Movement
  • Pope Urban II's Speech at the Council of Clermont (1095) according to Fulcher of Chartres
  • Guibert of Nogent, The Deeds of God through the Franks. RWCH, 324-334
F, 11/12
Discussion:  Four perspectives on the First Crusade (Latin Christian, Jewish, Muslim, & Byzantine)

Week 13 - Jews, Muslims & European Christianity

Textbook Reading:  Irvin & Sunquist, Chs. 32-33, pp.406-439

M. 11/15
Jews and the Medieval Church:
Between Tolerance & Persecution
  • Start readings for Wednesday and Friday!
W, 11/17
Learning, Culture & Spiritual Ideals in the 12th Century
Th, 11/18
7:30 pm
Special Guest Lecture:  "Who and What are God's People?  Early Christian Identity Formations and their Legacies"
Prof. Denise Buell, Williams College
  • Lecture at 7:30 pm, Christian Study Center of Gainesville, 112 NW 16th St. (just one block north of University Ave.)
F, 11/19
Discussion:  Christian Theology: A New Milieu & New Approaches

Week 14 - Piety, Spiritualtiy & Heresy in the High Middle Ages

Textbook Reading:  Catch up on reading in HWCM

M, 11/22
Papal Power & Popular Piety:  The Pontificate of Innocent III
W, 11/24
  • Thomas Aquinas on the Existence of God, RWCH, 359-362
F, 11/26
Thanksgiving Weekend:  No class!
  • Be sure to get started on the reading for next week!

Week 15 - Piety, Spiritualtiy & Heresy (cont.)
Textbook Reading:  Irvin & Sunquist, Chs. 32-33, pp.406-439 (Read or review)
M, 11/29
Mendicants & Heretics:  Renewal & Dissent
  • Thomas of Celano, First Life of St. Francis of Assisi, RWCH, 354-359
  • Recommended:  "The Heretics" & "The Friars," in Lynch, The Medieval Church, 216-238
W, 12/1
Medieval Women & the Church

  • Hadewijch of Brabant, Letters 6 & 29 and Vision 7, RWCH, 362-371
  • Excerpts from The Book of Margery Kempe (Read the first four paragraphs of the "Introduction" under Complete & the four excerpts under "Excerpts at Luminarium")
  • RecommendedCouncil of Vienne, 16, 28 [condemnation of Beguines]
  • Recommended:  R.W. Southern, "Fringe Orders and Anti-Orders," Western Society and the Church in The Middle Ages, pp. 300-331
F, 12/3
Discussion:  Women, Men & Medieval Spirituality
  • Bernard of Clairvaux, On Loving God, RWCH, 347-354
  • Readings from 12/1 & 12/3 (Hadewijch, Margery, Thomas of Celano)
  • No cycle papers; 1-page reponse due

Week 16 - Meanwhile Around the Globe...

Textbook Reading:  HWCM, Chs. 35-37 & beginning of Ch. 38 pp.450--495; be sure to read 459-463 and 492 to 495 carefully for background to the primary source reading for Monday!
Recommended: finish last chapter, pp.492-504 (after you finish all other reading for this week)

M, 12/6
The Trials of the Church in Asia
Brief Discussion
:  An Asian Christian Looks at Christian Europe
  • The Lives of Mar Yahbh-Allaha and Rabban Sawma, RWCH, 373-384.  (Full text:  History of the Life and Travels of Rabban Sawma, Envoy and Plenipotentiary of the Mongol Khans to the Kings of Europe and Markos who as Yahbh-Allaha III Became Patriarch of the Nestorian Church in Asia) 
  • 1-page Response or Optional Paper due  (1-page response required if you do not do optional paper)
W, 12/8
Things Fall Apart:
Christianity in the West & the World After 1300
  • Kebra Nagast, RWCH 388-395
  • Pope Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam (1302), RWCH, 397-398

Th, 12/16
FINAL EXAM in regular class room
  • Details TBA