Andrea Sterk 

Associate Professor of History
Affiliate Faculty in Religion
University of Florida

Office Phone:  (352) 392-0271, ext. 257 


        Andrea Sterk is Associate Professor of History at the University of Florida.  She teaches courses on Late Antiquity, ancient and medieval Christianity, the ancient world, and Byzantine civilization.  Her primary research has focused on religious history in Late Antiquity and Byzantium.  Her recent books include Renouncing the World Yet Leading the Church. The Monk-Bishop in Late Antiquity (Harvard University Press, 2004) and a co-edited reader of primary source texts, Readings in World Christian History. Earliest Christianity to 1453 (Orbis, 2004).  She is currently working on a new book project on eastern Christian mission from the age of Constantine to the Christianization of the Slavs (c.300-1000).

Courses Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

 Faithful Narratives:  The Challenge of Religion in History
3 Semester Series at the University of Florida
(September '08-December '09)