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Staffan I. Lindberg
Associate  Professor
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Associate Professor

Staffan I. Lindberg

Department of Political Science


Center for African Studies

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About :

After graduation from the Swedish Gymnasium (High School)  in 1987, I worked as executive co-ordinator for the international youth organisation Next Stop 1988-1990, and spent several years in the film and television business as production manager before re-entering education.

1993-1995 I took the International Cultural Studies programme at Roskilde University in Denmark then in 1995-1997,  completed a master of political science here in Lund focusing on issues concerning development and democracy, yet, approached from both normative and empirical perspectives. In the masters thesis I developed  a structural framework for explaining democratization in sub-Saharan Africa combining a historical sociology and political economy perspective.

I was PhD candidate 1997-2004 but also comleted several other research and job assignments. Amongst others, I conducted a 9-months research project for the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Swedish Parliament (1997-1998), worked as a consultant attached to Parliament of Ghana for two years (1999-2001) and a research project on voter's perceptions of political patronage during election campaigns in Ghana (2003) in collaboration with Prof. K. C. Morrison, University of Missouri, USA.

After graduation I spent half a year teaching at Lund University, one year at Kent State University, and have been at UF since Fall 2006. I have done consultancies for several countries' aid agencies and affiliated organizations, been election monitor several times, and done several field projects in Africa since. I enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with my family, fishing, hunting, and watching the Gators chew bait in the swamp!

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