Housing information

Q:  Where do we live?  

A:  In Trastevere, near Piazza di San Cosimato! This lovely, historic neighborhood is home to spectacular piazzas, majestic churches, and countless restaurants. Its charming, narrow streets are truly irresistible, and are the heart of Roman summer evenings.

In most cases, four students (you may select your own roommates) will share a two-bedroom apartment. The apartments are interspersed with those of "real" Italians, so you will have a truly authentic living experience!  

Apartments are located about 25 minutes (walking) from the Study Center, which is located just a few blocks from Piazza Navona! 

 Apartment ammenities include:

( Bedrooms have twin beds. A towel and two sets of linen are provided with each bed. )

See pictures of the apartments at Your Place in Rome (click on "Trastevere apartments").

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