Welcome to Roger's TESOL Page, dedicated to English language teachers world wide who want a handy home base when they use the Internet as a teaching resource. The webmaster is yours truly, Dr. Roger M. Thompson, professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Florida.
(updated 24 July 2009)

Activity Sites for Students and Teachers-An Introductory Sample

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Jobs (The following links are for information purposes only. Please use caution when making arrangements for employment overseas.)

NOTE: If you plan to teach overseas, I'd suggest the following links for more information about the countries, languages, and cultures:

E-zines (Online journals for teachers)

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Teaching Resources (see also Homepages to Help Teachers I, II, and III)

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  • Distance Education
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    Creating Homepages and Learning Sites

    If you have any suggestions or have found any interesting links to add to my list, send them to me.