How Polite Are You?
 scaling | crossculture

Situation 1: You are visiting a friend's house. Your friend is busy inside. Her/His mother comes out and asks you to sit down. You are very thirsty and need a glass of water. How would you ask her for a glass of water?

Situation 2: You are at the local Chili's restaurant with some friends. You want to order some snacks. How would you ask the waiter for the menu? 

Situation 3: You are at the movie theater with some friends. You need 5 tickets. What will you say to the person in the ticket office? 

Situation 4: You are the Mall, buying clothes (shirts, etc.) for yourself. You want the sales person to show you the latest designs. What will you say to the sales person? 

Situation 5: You are on your way to the university and you are a bit late. You realise you have left your watch at home. A young school boy wearing a watch passes by. You really want to know how late you are. What will you ask the school boy? 

Situation 6: You need a copy of your transcript from the Registrar's office. What would you say to the person at the desk?
scaling | crossculture