LIN 4600-4541
Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Fall 2006
University of Florida
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Dr. Roger M. Thompson
Office: 4334 Turlington Hall  T 8 (3:00-3:30) and email
Class:  19 Anderson Hall T 7 (1:55-2:45) Th 7-8 (1:55-3:50)

Overview: Why do we speak the way we do? We will look at various social factors that influence our linguistic choices as we use language to establish a personal identity.

Prerequisite: LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics

Text: (available only at Goerings Books and Bagels near the University Postoffice)

A partial list of sociolinguistic related journals in the UF Library for your annotated bibliographies: Grading:
200 points   2 Exams Oct 5,
Dec 5
Essay, short answer, and identification based on the reading and the class discussion 
40 points Annotated Bibliography
Oct 10
Read any 10 research articles of interest in the various sociolinguistic journals in our library on any topic. The 4 points for each annotated entry in your bibliography, will be awarded with 1 point for each of the following:  
One full page report for each article, double spaced (except for the title), 12 point type. Three different journals must be represented. The following format MUST be followed.
Title:  The title of each annotation will be the name of the article using this style:
 Shim, Rosa (1994) 'Englishized Korean; structure, status, and attitudes.' World Englishes, 12 (2), 224-225
Section 1: Summary. Summarize the contents including the research question, type of data and how collected, conclusions. 
Section 2: Personal Reaction:.Give your reactions to the results, such as insights, perceived shortcomings, ideas for other research or applications based on your own experiences or our class discussion.  Remember, this must all fit on ONE page.
30 points Mini Research Report
(Oct 24)
Nov 28
Based on the topics in class or the topics suggested by your reading for the Annotated Bibliography, propose by Oct 31 a sociolinguistic research question that you would like to investigate in more depth. Do not make the question too broad. Find at least 5 research articles in the sociolinguistic journals that look at your topic. Write 1 page reports for each article following the format for the Annotated Bibliography. In your report to me include:
1. Your research question. 
2. The 5 (or more) one page reports on the articles. 
3. A three to five page analysis of your findings with suggestions for further research.
30 points Class Participation . You will receive 1 point for each day you actively participate in class activities. You must be more than present. You must be actively engaged to show that you have read and thought about the assigned reading. THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENSES FOR THESE POINTS
50 points
Reflection Paper
Nov 7
Write a 6 to 8 page reflection paper on how you use language to establish a personal identity.  The paper should be clearly organized around the 3 to 5 sociolinguistic principles that you feel have impacted you the most. Be sure to name those principles at the beginning of the paper.  You will be graded on: length, spelling/mechanics/paragraphing, clear presentation of 3 to 5 principles, use of examples.

No late work is accepted after the last day of class. 5 point penalty for late assignments.
Total points divided by 350: 90-100 A, 87-89 B+, 80-86 B, 77-79 C+, 70-76 C, 67-69 D+, 60-66 D. Below 60 F. 

Schedule of Topics:
Week 1 Aug 24
Introduction  (C 1)
. Part I Micro-choices
Week 2 Aug 29, 31 Standards and dialects: social stratification as a factor of linguistic choice (C2)
Week 3 Sep 5, 7
Gendered speech: sex as a factor of linguistic choice (C3)
Week 4 Sep 12, 14
Communication across generations : age as a factor of linguistic choice (C4)
Week 5 Sep 19, 21
Choice and change (C5)
Week 6 Sep 26, 28
Politeness: cultural dimensions of linguistic choice (C6)
Week 7 Oct 3, 5
Review and EXAM I

Part II
Week 8 Oct 10, 12
Code switching : linguistic choices across language boundaries (C7) (Annotated bibliography due Monday)
Week 9 Oct 17, 19
Diglossia and bilingualism: functional restrictions on language choice (C8)
Week 10 Oct 24, 26
Language spread, shift and maintenance: how groups choose their language (C9) (Topic for miniresearch paper due Monday)
Week 11 Oct 31, Nov 2
Language and identity: individual, social, national (C10)
Week 12 Nov 7, 9
Language planning: communication demands, public choice, utility (C11) (Reflection paper due Monday)
Week 13 Nov 14, 16
Select letters: a major divide (C12)
. .Nov 21, 23
Week 14 Nov 28, 30
Language of choice (C13) (Mini research report due Monday)
Week 15 Dec 5