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Raymond M. Russo
Associate Professor
223 Williamson Hall
campus phone:  2-6766

Office hours
TR: 14:45-15:45
or by appointment

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Ph.D. 1990, Northwestern University
Sc.B. 1983, Brown University      

Research Interests

    Tectonics and seismology, with emphasis on upper mantle flow and
    lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions

  Current projects:
  • Seismic attenuation and anisotropy in the Carpathians and adjacent basins, Romania
  • Seismic structure of the West Idaho Shear Zone and environs
  • Crustal and upper mantle structure, mantle flow, and the geodynamics of Chile Ridge subduction, Patagonia, Chile
  • Analysis of the great Maule earthquake, Chile
  • Geodynamics of Indochina and the South China Sea basin
  • Lithosphere-asthenosphere coupling in the Pacific Basin
  • Local-scale shear wave splitting in the Twin Sisters mantle section
  • Shear wave splitting and upper mantle flow at subduction zones (Kamchatka, Aegean, Scotia, Aleutians, South America, Caribbean, Arakan, Cascades, Middle America, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Banda, Indonesia, Kuriles, Izu-Bonin, Marianas)
  • Gravity modeling of Central Atlantic rifting remnants:  Demerara Plateau
  • Numerical modeling of Pacific-Farallon ridge reorientation

Courses Taught

ESC 1000   Introduction to Earth Science
OCE 1001  Oceanography
GLY 2010   Physical Geology
GLY 5455   Introduction to Geophysics
GLY 5466   Seismology and Earth Structure

GLY 5468   Terrestrial Gravity and Magnetism
GLY 6932   Writing for Geology
GLY 6932   Analysis of Time Series in Geology
GLY 6932   Rheology of the Earth

Contact Info

       Department of Geological Sciences
          241 Williamson Hall
          P.O. Box 112120
          University of Florida
          Gainesville, FL 32611
          +1 352 392 6766 office phone
          +1 352 392 9294 fax

    (I use this email when I am away from campus)

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