OPERATION CLEAN-UP    (trans. Charles A. Perrone)

Saudade:  longing, yearning (for someone), "memory imbued with longing;"
fond remembrance; nostalgia; homesickness.  Taylor, Portuguese English Dictionary

Saudade is a word
 Of the Portuguese language
 Whose spate and flow
 I am always against
 Saudade is a word
 To be banned
 From common usage
 From colloquial expression
 From the constitutional congress
 From dictionaries
 From onomasticons
 From epistolary practice
 From tombstones and epitaphs
 From geographical charts
 From popular songs
 From phantasmatic bodies
 From the map of affection
 From the shores of poetry
 Not to leave alluvial
 On this river bank.

      II.   Sudden
       Sur -  reptitious anaconda
       Repressed is resplendent
       Meta-more so beautifies
       Self mortifies
       What seemed a brauna tree
       Perchance a boulder of tar
       Re - newed snake sheds the shell of old skin

III.  Saudade is a word:
 The sun of years and the salt of tears.

(original 1983 Folhetim; new version 1986 Ímã)