Hunting in measured tongues (Metronomópolis I)

shares liken love, deign a debt, devil wares
flee like a dish,  like a beast we call dove
hunt, after that, limping meal past a lame
like the game sure, frenzy dares, rifles aim

phantom magicians phoraciously fall
vengeance for never, the  healing or call:
telling or dwelling or schwelling in schools
welling and spelling, a tongue wrapped in spools
threading or œiling or spoiling a key
lovelessly sporting your claims des amis

Fraulessly  frolic and lying in wait
  measuring flight by the signs, the estate.

Measuring tongues by  their speech (Metronomópolis II)

how effortlessly you express yourself
may be a compliment or kindly a line,
like a function of programs in latent lies
that someone unknown to us devised,
fully knowing the patterns of  knowing
ignorance, anxiety and feversih wills.

Forgetting the judgement the pale may incur,
likely you will hear fully well;
the inheritance is frightfully close
to  towering lows, a divisory trick
they devised long ago.  Flames, I should think,
calmly find where to go.  Lessing the brink
of the glow, they sooner come home.
I, certainly, one.

Rings and  Windows  with No Ledge

Fake the threads of hypotheses
should cloudly crowds control
the lurid pass to sharpen eyes
Sharpenize and roll away all stop gap rounds
and canvas clean the glovely ring remains
where stains of blindness closing points to light:
a referee,  a judge,   a frame
edging closer weighs and looks and knows
your victory falls to rise and lies                 alone
now your yesses, now your nos
you've seen         you've not