UF Portuguese Program GRADUATE CATALOG 2001-2002

POW 6275 The Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Novel
(3) Approaches to the prose fiction of the major literary trends and movements (Romanticicsm, Realism, Naturalism), with complementary consideration of related works in poetry and essay.

POW 6276 The Twentieth-Century Brazilian Novel
(3) Readings in narrative from the avant-garde of the 1920s and the neo-regionalism of the 1930s to instrumentalism in the 1950s-1960s and various manifestations of late twentieth-century prose fiction.

POW 6385 Brazilian Lyric
(3) Studies in the theory and practice of poetry including the Modernist legacy, experimental trends, political verse, song, youth movements, and contemporary phenomena.

POW 6386 Brazilian Drama 
(3) Studies in the theory of dramatic literature and theatre, from origins in the nineteenth century through Modernism and contemporary practices.

POW 6905 Individual Work (1-3; max. 9)  Available only by special arrangement with the program coordinator or graduate adviser.

POW 6930 Rotating Topics in Brazilian or Portuguese Literature

Diverse themes of the Lusophone world, including the Portuguese Modernism, the Brazilian Northeast, the Afro-Brazilian world, the culture of dictatorship, popular music, science fiction, postmodernism, or focus on major authors (Machado de Assis, Guimarães Rosa, Clarice Lispector).