Brazilian Popular Music and Globalization

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(* cf. photos, illustrations in the book )
Chiclete com Banana: Internationalization in Brazilian Popular Music
Charles A. Perrone and Christopher Dunn

Caetano Veloso

Myth, Melopeia, and Mimesis: Black Orpheus, Orfeu, and Internationalization in Brazilian Popular Music
Charles A. Perrone

Tropicália, Counterculture, and the Diasporic Imagination in Brazil
Christopher Dunn

Globalizing Caetano Veloso
Liv Sovik

Cannibals, Mutants, and Hipsters: The Tropicalist Revival
John Harvey

Defeated Rallies, Mournful Anthems, and the Origins of Brazilian Heavy Metal
Idelber Avelar

The Localization of Global Funk in Bahia and in Rio
Lívio Sansone

World of Fantasy Fantasy of the World: Geographic Space and Representation of Identity in the Carnival of Salvador, Bahia
Milton Araújo Moura

Songs of Olodum: Ethnicity, Activism, and Art in a Globalized Carnival Community
Piers Armstrong

Fogo na Babilônia : Reggae, Black Counterculture and Globalization in Brazil
Osmundo de Araújo Pinho

Reggae in Bahia: A Case of Long-distance Belonging
Antônio J.V. dos Santos Godi

Black or Brau: Music and Subjectivity in a Global Context
Ari Lima

Turned-Around Beat: Maracatu de baque virado and Chico Science
Larry Crook

Self-Discovery in Brazilian Popular Music: Mestre Ambrósio
John Murphy

"Good Blood in the Veins of this Brazilian Rio" or a Cannibalist Transnationalism
Frederick Moehn

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