CHM 6471

SPRING 2006, Sect. 0810: Prof. Öhrn's office is NPB2312; Tel 392-1597; OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Friday 4:00-5:00 p.m. and any other time by appointment. CLASSES meet Tu, Th, and Fr. Period 6 (12:50-1:40 p.m.) , NPB2228 TEXT: Öhrn, "Elements of Molecular Symmetry", Wiley&Sons, 2000

Classes suspended: Mar. 13-17 (Spring Break)

Course content: Some emphasis will be given to the overall structure of the theory of symmetry using the concepts of group algebra and functions over a group. Details of theorems and proofs will be covered only as illustrations and the aim of the course is to teach a working knowledge of how to use the tools of group theory for various applications to molecular electronic structure, molecular vibrations, and molecular spectra.