AMH 3423- Florida History- Dr. Noll


Syllabus & Course Instructions



            Due to the increasingly technological nature of our society, I find it necessary to address the issue of cell phones in class.  Please turn off all of these electronic devices before coming to class, as they are disruptive to the learning environment and distracting to other students.  Thank you!!


            I also need to address tardiness to class in a more formalized manner.  As with the cell phone issue, lateness is also disruptive and distracting to a positive learning experience.  Constant carping on this issue both demeans the class and takes away from learning time.  Though I realize many of you are at the mercy of an RTS bus system that doesn’t necessarily follow its assigned schedule, I urge you, as responsible adults, to arrive to class on time ready to learn.  If I can get to class on time by taking the bus- so can you!


            Class attendance is an important component of your learning experience.  Since students are adults, a mandatory attendance policy will not be in effect for this class.  Understand, however, that you will not be able to get a good grade without coming to class.  Make-ups for quizzes will not be available, except for excused medical absences (signed by authorized medical personnel) or attendance at official university functions.


            Students requesting classroom accommodations for disability issues must first register with the Dean of Students.  That office will provide documentation to the student who then must provide that documentation to me.  I am more than willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure an optimum learning environment for all students.


            Be aware of the University’s policy on plagiarism.  It can be found at    The Internet has made this situation more problematic but understand that plagiarists will be caught.  Any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, please do not hesitate to ask.  All plagiarism will be reported on a Faculty Adjudication Form and forwarded to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.


The 3 books for this course will be available o-line & at Goerings Book Store, located at 1717 NW 1st Avenue, across form campus (phone # 377-3703).  If you have any problems in buying the books, please let me know as soon as possible.

                        The books are:

1.  Florida :A Short History.  Michael Gannon  (University Press of Florida, 2003).

2.  Before His Time: The Untold Story of Harry T. Moore, America’s First Civil Rights Martyr.  Ben Green (University Press of Florida, 2005).

3.  Land of Sunshine, Land of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida.  Gary        Mormino (University Press of Florida, 2005).


There will also be required readings on-line from the Florida Historical Quarterly.  These will be listed in the syllabus as FHQ.  They will also be available on line at the UF library’s website  under course reserves.

This syllabus is also on-line at my UF website  under Courses


Week One-      January 8-12-  The Civil War

            Florida-  pgs 40-46


Week Two-     January 15-19-   Reconstruction   There will be no class on Monday, January 15- Martin Luther King’s birthday

            Florida”- pgs 46-53

            FHQ #1.  “Harmon Murray: Black Desperado in Late 19th Century Florida

                        Billy Chandler (73,2, October 1994 pgs. 184-199)


            Guest Lecture- Friday January 19- Dr. Paul Ortiz- University of California Santa Cruz


Week Three- January 22-26-  Redemption & Tourism

            Florida-  pgs 53-66

            FHQ #2.  “Steamboats, Cypress, & Tourism”

                        Steven Noll (83, 1, Summer 2004- pgs 1-23)


Week Four- January 29- February 2- Into the Twentieth Century

            Florida”- pgs 67-77

            FHQ #3 -  Free Speech at the University of Florida

                        Fred Bailey  (71, 1, July 1992- pgs. 1-17)


            QUIZ #1 Friday FEBRUARY 2nd


Week 5-  February 5- February 9-  Boom Times & Racism

            “Florida”-  77-88

            FHQ #4-  The Icelandicman Cometh: The Martin Tabert Case”

                        Vivian Miller (81, 3, Winter 2003- pgs. 279-315)


            FHQ #5-  White Robes and Crosses”

                        Stephen Prescott   (71, 1, July 1992- pgs 18-40)


            FHQ #6-  Edward Armstrong and the Politics of Race in Daytona Beach, 1900-1940”-

                        Leonard Lempel  (79, 3,  Winter 2001- pgs 267-296)



Week 6- February 12-16-  The Great Depression

            “Florida”-  88-100

            FHQ #7  Economic Boom or Political Boondoggle? Florida's Atlantic Gulf Ship Canal in the 1930s”. 

                        David Tegeder (83, 1, Summer 2004- pgs. 24-45)

            FHQ #8-  "Red Menaces and Drinking Buddies: Student Activism at the University of Florida, 1936-1939,"

                        Eric Rise  The Historian 48 (August 1986): 559-571.


Week 7- February 19-23-  World War II

            “Florida”- 100-109

            FHQ #9  The Beginnings of Big Sugar in Florida

                        John Heitmann (77, 1 Summer 1998- pgs. 39-61)


            FHQ #10  The Origins of Tallahassee’s Racial Disturbance Plan”

                        Jon Evans  (79, 3, Winter 2001- pgs. 346-361)



Week 8- February 26-March 2-  The PostWar Boom

            “Florida”- 109-125

            Land of Sunshine-  1-44

            Before His Time- 1-80


Week 9-  March 5-9-  The 50s

Midterm- Wednesday March 7

“Florida”- 125-130



SPRING BREAK no classes March 12-16


Week 10- March 19-23- The 50s & 60s

            “Florida”-  130-139    

            Land of Sunshine-  45-122

            Before His Time- 81-256

            FHQ #11- “Taking out the Trailer Trash”

                        Lee Irby  (79, 2, Fall 2000- pgs. 181-200)




Week 11- March 26-30-  The 70s

            “Florida”- 139-151

            Land of Sunshine- 123-185

            FHQ #12-  Get the Facts and Then Act: Marjorie Harris Carr and FDE”

                        Frederick Davis  (83,1, Summer 2004, 46-69)


Week 12- April 2- April 6-  Modern Florida

            “Florida”- 151-160

            Land of Sunshine- 186-228

            FHQ #13- “I was One of the First to See Daylight: Black Women in White Colleges since 1959”

                        Stephanie Evans (85, 1, August 2006,- pgs. 42-63)


            Biography Assignment DUE- Friday April 6


Week 13- April 9-13- Modern Florida

            Land of Sunshine- 229-300

            QUIZ #2 Friday APRIL 13


Week 14- April 16-20- Modern Florida

            Land of Sunshine- 301-367

            Website Assignment DUE- Friday April 20


Week 15- April 23-25-  Last Week of Classes-

            Last Class- Wednesday, April 25th



Final Paper due – Exam Time 3A- Thursday May 3- 7:30-9:30 AM