Introduction to

the Medieval World

MEM 3003

Fall 2009

Lecture: MW Period 9 (4:05-4:55),

Little Hall 0109

Instructors: Dr. Nina Caputo &

Dr. Andrea Sterk

TAs: Andrei Gandila &

Robert McEachnie

Course Description: 
Political hegemony.  Global economies and markets.  Religious fundamentalism.  Technological innovation.  Many identify these as qualities unique to the modern age, but the tendency towards globalization has characterized religion, politics, economies, and the arts throughout history.  Though often viewed as a time of ignorance, and provincialism, the medieval period was a time of creativity and dynamism. This class will recast medieval peoples and cultures in a global context.  From Rome to Baghdad, Seville to the Silk Road we will take an interdisciplinary approach to diverse sources from the medieval world.