Why have you chosen to apply to _______________, and how do you think your education at _________ will prepare you to become a physician for the future? (1 page)



What satisfactions do you expect to receive from your activities as a physician? (no more than 1 page)


Please provide a short biographical sketch of yourself? (no more than of a page)


What is the biggest challenge that you have faced to date? How did you handle it? In retrospect, what would you have handled differently? (3/4)


Describe an event that had a major impact on you. (3/4)


Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced at any time in your life. (3/4)


Outline your major accomplishments to date. (3/4)


In what collegiate extracurriculars did you engage? (3/4)


Please list collegiate honors, awards, and memberships in honorary societies. (3/4)


About how many hours per week, if any, did you spend in work for which you were compensated during the academic year? (3/4)


What kind of work did you do (include summer employment)? (3/4)


Briefly describe the specific factors that motivated you to apply to ____________. Please include highlights of your experiences that demonstrate your commitment to medicine as well as role models, mentors or family members who influenced your decision to apply to ________. (8 lines)


If you have experienced academic difficulties, please explain the situation(s) and how it was resolved. (Please also explain any grades less than a "B" or any "withdrawal" situations.) (2000 characters)


Please provide the Committee with an essay profiling yourself and family, including, for example, work experience, travel experiences, fun and diversions, family traits, education, occupations, hobbies, and interests. If married, please include your spouse (and children). This essay should be different from your AMCAS essay.Required(1-1 pages)



Briefly describe your most important exposure to clinical medicine. (200 words max)


Briefly describe your most satisfying experience related to community service. (200 word max.)

What does it mean to be entering a profession? (300 word max.)


Please describe your long term career goals. What has been the major influence in your life that has led you in that direction? (300 word max.)



Indicate your significant travel experiences and include the circumstances.


Indicate what you do for fun and diversion (hobbies, special interests, etc.)


Identify any other traits, habits, experiences, interests, etc., that a professor or advisor would not normally learn about you.


For both mother and father, give the following: a) Where they were raised, b) 4-5 traits that would describe him/her to a stranger, c) Traits you get from him/her, d) Your rapport with him/her, e) His/her hobbies or interests


Give names, ages and a few brief comments about your brothers and sisters.


Spouse/Steady Friend
Brief Comments


Please enter your ACT and SAT scores if you have taken these tests.


In what field of medicine do you envision yourself working ten years from now?


In the space below, write, in your own handwriting, a critical analysis of your personal and

scholastic qualifications for the study of medicine and the realization of your professional




What makes you special, someone who will add to the __________ community? (250 words or less)

Indicate the reasons for your specific interest in _________. (200 words or less)



Briefly describe (in approximately 100 words) any health-related experience and/or research experience (volunteer or employed). Also, indicate the time and frequency of your involvement. Note: If you have had experience in several health-related areas, list each with a very brief description. Or, you may choose the most meaningful experience and describe it in more detail

Briefly discuss (in approximately 100 words) any special interests attracting you to _______.



Although interests may change, at the present time, in what field of medicine are you most interested?

Please list your hobbies and major non-academic interests (e.g., items you collect, genre of favorite reading material).

List any leadership positions, in clubs or organizations, you may have held during your college years.

What was the single most meaningful volunteer experience you have had?



Briefly describe your non-science, non-medical experiences and activities in the spaces below. Where appropriate, include dates and length of time of your involvement. Do not send additional pages or send a resume and do not send examples of your work or photocopies of awards or recognition that you have received. Answers will be limited to 375 characters.



Briefly describe the one healthcare experience you have had that most significantly influenced your decision to study medicine. Do not send or simply copy information from your personal statement in your AMCAS application. Limit your answer to 1,875 characters.


Why do you want to study medicine at the ______________? Be as specific as possible and limit your response to 750 characters.


More questions


Why do you want to study medicine at ________ school (most common question)


In what field of medicine do you envision yourself working ten years from now?


Write a critical analysis of your personal and scholastic qualifications for the study of medicine and the realization of your professional ambitions.


How do you think your education at __________ school will prepare you to become a physician for the future?


What do you consider a valuable experience in your personal development? (this may be a person who has influence in your life).


Describe briefly how you dealt with a personal or academic problem you have encountered.


Hoe did you reach your decision to enter medicine?

What self-education, research, or independent scholastic work have you undertaken and what do you feel you have accomplished in this work?


Describe yourself.


If selected for an interview, what one life experience would you most like to talk about?


Tell us about a difficult or challenging situation that you have encountered and how you dealt with it. In your response, identify both the coping skills you called upon to resolve the dilemma, and the support person(s) from whom you sought advice.


Most individuals live by a system of values and beliefs which serve as a guiding principal for daily living. What influences have been particularly important to you? Please describe both values and influences.