C.V. (pdf)

Contact Information

Courtesy faculty appointment at University of Florida, currently at Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California Institute of Technology (JPL website)

Mailing address:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-301
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

email: mpanning AT ufl DOT edu or Mark.P.Panning AT jpl DOT nasa DOT gov

telephone: (352) 392-2634

Recent Updates

May, 2017 - Joined Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Scientist in the Geophysics and Planetary Geosciences group.

November, 2016 - New media story on InSight.

June, 2015 - Updated Research page and added in a page to track media coverage

October, 2014 - Updated Planetary Seismology page with more info about single-station location verification study.

May, 2013 - Updated tomography page to include all model files for Panning et al., 2012 models of southeast Asia (gzipped tar files).

March, 2012 - Updated research pages to include more information on planetary seismology research, including participation in the science team for the proposed InSight mission to Mars. Also started page for recently accepted paper about the nBorn-based Southeast Asia model. More to come...

October, 2011 - Added ResearcherID badge. ResearcherID is something that Thomson Reuters has been doing for the last several years to make it easier to keep track of what publications go with what researcher.

January, 2011 - Update teaching pages, as well as adding all models discussed in the published paper about SAW642ANb to the model distribution file.

May, 2010 - Updated global model, SAW642ANb, released.

May, 2010 - Updated SAW642AN distribution to include a better script for plotting cross-sections.

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