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GLY 1880 Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Hazards

Taught: Spring 2009-2011 (as GLY 1000)
Spring 2012

GLY 1880 is a general education physical sciences course about natural hazards aimed primarily at non-science majors. I cover a broad range of topics related to Earth science through the lens of natural hazards. The text used is Natural Disasters, by Pat Abbott.

GLY 4930 Intro to Geophysics

Taught: Fall 2010 (next planned for Fall 2012)

GLY 4930 is another generic course classification, but this course is intended to be an ongoing course. It is an upper-level undergraduate course designed to introduce the students to the major types of geophysical data used in determining subsurface structure from scales ranging from local to global. The primary goal of the course is to familiarize the students with the types of geophysical data they will encounter in almost any future career in geological sciences. The text used is Whole Earth Geophysics, by Robert J. Lillie, with some supplementary material for the discussion of more local exploration methods.

GLY 5455 Quantitative Geophysics

Taught: Fall 2009 and 2011 (and alternate falls in future)

A graduate-level course in topics of interest in Geophysics, with a focus on global scale geophysics. Text for the course is "Geodynamics" by Turcotte and Schubert, but is supplemented with material on seismology and geomagnetism and paleomagnetism