Anthropology 3164/5164                                                                          TA: Charlotte Winters

Spring 2005                                                                                                 TA Office Hours:

Prof. Michael Moseley                                                                                  Tues & Thurs, per 4

Turlington B352





Drawing upon archaeological, historical, and ethnological sources, this course examines the economic, social, and political evolution of TAHUANTINSUYU, or "The Land of The Four Quarters" as the Inca called their vast imperial realm.


Embracing the rugged Andean Mountains, the parched Atacama Desert, and fringes of the Amazon Jungle, the Inca Imperium was the very largest empire of antiquity ever to arise in the Western Hemisphere.  The Inca's many unique adaptations to unusual environmental conditions, as well as the empire's fascinating political institutions will be traced back in archaeological time through a rich succession of earlier dynasties and polities to primordial times when people first

populated South America.



I encourage you to check the course website often for any updates and announcements.

Please note that this address is case sensitive. The course website will provide important information pertaining to the course and will be updated throughout the semester. The syllabus and any updates to it, a list of terms to know for the semester, term paper requirements, homework assignments, study material, and course announcements will all be found on the website. After the midterm, grades will be posted here as well.



Allen – The Hold Life Has, 1983 paperback (there is a newer edition out, either is fine)

Cobo – History of the Inca Empire, 1983 paperback

Moseley – The Incas and Their Ancestors, 2001 paperback (be sure to get the 2001 edition)




quizzes, homework, and attendance = 15%

                        midterm examination = 25%

                                        term paper = 25%

            take‑home final examination = 35%


This syllabus is subject to change. Any changes will be updated on the course website.


There are four opportunities to complete a homework involving interactive web pages about different topics in Andean archaeology. Choose one to hand in on the date indicated on the syllabus.  No extra credit will be given for additional ones though I encourage everyone to check the other sites out. You may print out each assignment from the course website.


(This syllabus is subject to change. Updates to the syllabus will be noted in class and/or posted

on the course website at


Week 1:  Jan 4 & 6

Lectures: Introduction, Geography


            Moseley – begin chapters 1 – 2

            Cobo – Foreword, Introduction, begin Book I


Week 2:  Jan 11 & 13

Lectures: Geography


            Moseley – finish chapters 1 – 2  

Cobo – finish Book I

            Allen – begin reading

Other: 1st Geography Quiz


Week 3:  Jan 18 & 20

Lectures: Spanish Conquest, Andean Cosmology


            Moseley – begin chapter 3

            Cobo – Book II

            Allen – continue reading

Other: 2nd Geography Quiz


Week 4:  Jan 25 & 27

Lectures: Cosmology


            Moseley – finish chapter 3

            Allen – finish reading

Other: 3rd Geography Quiz


Week 5:  Feb 1 & 3

Lectures: Social Organization, Inca Statecraft

Reading: Cobo – finish Book II


Reading Quiz (over Allen, Cobo, Moseley chapters 1‑3)

            Turn in term paper topic no later than February 3.


Week 6:  Feb 8 & 10

Lectures: Lithic Period

Reading: Moseley – chapter 4

Other: 1st web assignment opportunity, due February 10 (on both websites below):

"Andes Expedition: Searching for Inca Secrets"             

Ice Mummies of the Inca



Week 7:  Feb 15 & 17

Lectures: Preceramic Period

Reading: Moseley – begin chapter 5

Other: 2nd web assignment opportunity, due February 17

            "Preceramic Society in the Central Andean Highlands"




Week 8:  Feb 22 & 24

Lectures: Preceramic Period

Reading: Moseley – finish chapter 5

Other: Midterm in class on February 24


Week 9:  Mar 1 & 3  SPRING BREAK         



Week 10:  Mar 8 & 10   

Lectures: Initial Period and the Origins of Agriculture

Reading: Moseley – begin chapter 6

Other: Preliminary bibliography due by March 10


Week 11:  Mar 15 & 17

Lectures: Early Horizon, Chavin

Reading: Moseley – finish chapter 6

Other: 3rd web assignment opportunity, due March 17

"Exploring Chavνn de Huantar"


Week 12:  Mar 22 & 24

Lectures: Early Intermediate Period (Nazca and Social Complexity)

Reading: Moseley – begin chapter 7

Other: 4th web assignment opportunity, due March 24

Harvard Khipu Database Project



Week 13:  Mar 29 & 31

Lectures: Early Intermediate Period and the Middle Horizon (Moche)

Reading: finish chapter 7, chapter 8 pages 223-230


Week 14:  Apr 5 & 7

Lectures: The Middle Horizon (Huari and Tiwanaku)

Reading: Moseley - chapter 8 pages 230‑244


Week 15:  Apr 12 & 14

Lectures: Late Intermediate Period

Reading: Moseley – chapter 9


Week 16:  Apr 19  

Last day of class

Term papers due!

Take‑home Final exam passed out, due April 25


Finals Week: Monday Apr 25

Turn in Final Exam by 3pm


A copy of the syllabus is located at