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Department of Anthropology
Gainesville, FL 32611
Office# 352-392-2031

            Inca and Their Ancestors
               Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents
               Maritime Archaeology
               Seminar in Andean Archaeology


 B.A. University of California, Berkeley  1963  Anthropology

 M.A. Harvard University                      1965  Anthropology

 Ph.D. Harvard University                      1968  Anthropology


 National Academy of Sciences, Member

 American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow

Carnegie Museum, Research Associate

 J.S.  Guggenheim Fellow  1988-89

Dumbarton Oaks Senior Fellow in Pre-Columbian Studies 1983-85


Topical:     Settlement and subsistence patterns; early agricultural economies; preindustrial urbanism; pre-Hispanic architecture; pre-Hispanic irrigation and water management technology; Colonial Period and Spanish contact settlements; GIS/Remote Sensing; Quaternary geomorphology, climatology and tectonics.
Area Interests:     Peru, Bolivia, Chile, South America, the Caribbean, Florida & Southeast Gulf Coast.


University Teaching:

        Instructor, & Lecturer,
             Harvard University                           1968-70
         Assistant & Associate Professor,
             Harvard University                           1970-76
         Research Associate,
             University of Chicago                       1980-84
             University of Florida                        1984-Present

Museum Curatorships:

        Assistant Curator, Peabody Museum,
              Harvard University                          1969-73
         Associate Curator, Peabody Museum,
              Harvard University                          1973-75
         Associate Curator, Field Museum
              of Natural History                           1976-83
         Curator, Field Museum of Natural
              History                                            1983-84

Foreign Field Research:

Excavation of Lower Paleolithic (Acheulean) site, Ambrona, Spain, under F.C.
Howell, 1963.

Survey and excavation of Cauca Valley sites, Colombia, Assistant Director,
Cambrige University (England), Second Colombian Expedition, 1964.

Excavation of preceramic and early agricultural sites in central Peru, 1966-67.

Survey and excavation of urban and pre-urban sites in the Moche Valley, Peru,
as Director of the Chan Chan-Moche Valley Project, 1969-75.

Reconnaissance of Tiwanaku and related Bolivian sites, north highlands, Bolivia,
as Advisor to the Instituto Nacional de Arqueologia, 1976, 1978-79.

Survey, mapping, and excavation of Pre-Hispanic irrigation systems, northern
Peru, as Project Director, 1976-1980.

Survey and excavations of Historic sites in Tobago, as Project Director, 1989-92.

Exploration of archaeological sites in the Department of Moquegua, southern
Peru, as Senior Scientist , Programa Contisuyo, 1980-Present.


Society for American Archaeology
Institute of Andean Research
Institute of Andean Studies
American Association For The Advancement of Science
National Academy of Sciences


Editorial Boards:


Curatorships of Special Museum Exhibitions:

   Peru's Golden Treasures  1978
   The Art of Being Huichol   1979
   Gold of El Dorado    1980

International Television Documentaries
  (Principal Consultant & Featured Scientist)

  MYSTERIES OF PERU  Central-TV, London            1985
  THE INCAS TimeLife                                                 1997


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