Professional Experience  (Advising, Coordination, Study Abroad, and Conferences/Workshops)


2004 - present         Faculty Advisor, Mexican-American Student Association (MASA).

2001 - present         Undergraduate Advisor, Spanish Section, Department of Spanish & Portuguese.


1996 - present         Director, FLAC (Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum) at Florida program.  FLAC at Florida integrates the study of Latin American,  European and International topics with the practice of a variety of languages.  It creates one-credit enhancement sections in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and/or German to accompany English-language content courses.  In addition to directing the program, I have also taught the following FLAC courses:  Sports in Spain and Latin America (2009, 2008, 2007); Cities of the Spanish-Speaking World (2009); Contemporary Music in Spanish (2008, 2007, 2006); Business and Culture of Sports in the Spanish-Speaking World (2006, 2005); Latin American Music (2005, 2004, 2003, 2000, 1999); U.S. - Latin American Cultural Relations (2002); Religion in Latin America (1997); and Latin American Civilization (1996).

2002 - 2004            Liaison, CES (Center for European Studies).  See "Liaison, CIBER" below.

2000 - 2001            Coordinator, Intermediate Spanish sequence (SPN 2200 and SPN 2201).

1998 - present         Liaison, CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research).  My department's representative as we collaborate with the UF CIBER.  One of my many duties has been to create new business-related Spanish courses:  Teaching Spanish for the Professions; The Business and Culture of Sports in the Spanish-Speaking World; Marketing and Advertising in the Spanish-Speaking World; Intermediate Spanish for Business.

1994 - 2001            Coordinator, "Mesa de espaņol."  The "Mesa" was a weekly event at which students, primarily undergraduates, gathered to practice their Spanish in a relaxed, informal environment.

Study Abroad

2009                        Instructor, ISA (International Studies Abroad) in Guanajuato (Mexico) Summer I Program.  Will teach advanced-level "Contemporary Music in the Spanish-Speaking World" course, serve as tutor, and participate in excursions.

2008                        Instructor, ISA in Guanajuato Summer I Program.  Taught advanced-level Business Spanish course, served as tutor, and participated in excursions.

2007                        Curriculum Implementation Consultant, ISA / SU (Southwestern University) in Guanajuato Summer I Program.  Contracted by ISA to assess the program.  Primary duties:  observe classes, tutor, dialogue with Guanajuato and SU faculty, make formal recommendations for program and curricular reform.

2006                        Faculty Advisor, ISA in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Summer II Program.  Observed classes, served as tutor, and participated in excursions.

2003 - 2005            Director, UF (University of Florida) in Guanajuato Summer A Program.  Directed the program and taught the following courses:  Pop Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World; Marketing and Advertising in the Spanish-Speaking World.

2002                        Instructor, ISA in Guanajuato Summer II Program.  Taught intermediate-level Spanish course, served as tutor, and participated in excursions.

Conferences/Workshops (for conferences and workshops at which I have presented, please see the "Presentations" link)

2008                        Member, Organizing Committee, CIBER Business Language Conference on Preparing Global Business Leaders.  University of Florida, (hosted off-site in) St. Petersburg (April 9-11).  Oversaw multiple aspects of conference preparation, with primary responsibility for academic content of event.  Received, evaluated and slotted all proposals.  Created thematic tracks and invited guest speakers to address selected themes.

2002                        Participant, CIBER Conference on Global Interdependence and Language, Culture and Business.  University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (March).

2001                        Participant, Florida International University CIBER's Spanish Language Faculty Development Program.  Two-week workshop for Spanish-language educators at the Universidad Carlos III (Colmenarejo campus), Madrid, Spain (July).

2001                        Participant, Language and Culture for International Business:  A Workshop for Foreign Language Educators.   Fogelman Executive Center, University of Memphis (February).

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