FLAC at Florida
Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum

    FLAC at Florida is a collaborative effort of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Center for European Studies, and the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).  The program features one-credit hour discussion sections--in a variety of foreign languages--which accompany content courses in agriculture, anthropology, art, business, cinema, economics, food marketing, geography, gerontology, history, international relations, literature, Latin American studies, law, music, philosophy, political science, public relations, religion, sociology, sports, and urban/regionial planning.  Students and instructors involved in the discussion sections have been highly enthusiastic about the experience and eager to repeat it.  Students, in particular, benefit from increased individual attention and frequent opportunities to speak in a small class conducted entirely in that language.  Working in the target language gives students access to international perspectives and fosters greater cultural understanding.
    FLAC at Florida has grown significantly since its inception in 1996.  Starting with a single pilot section in Spring 1996, the program now
offers between 10 and 15 language enhancement courses every academic year (in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and/or Russian).  The program is highly innovative and serves as a model for colleges and universities throughout the United States. 
    For questions regarding FLAC at Florida, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Greg Moreland:  moreland@rll.ufl.edu
For sample FLAC syllabi and/or the Director's FLAC-related conference and workshop presentations, please consult the "Courses Taught" (SPN 3224) and "Presentations" links on Dr. Moreland's home page:  http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/moreland
To see a semester-by-semester listing of all FLAC courses offered at UF, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  For details regarding the specific contributions and roles of all participating entities, and information regarding new CIBER-sponsored Cultures Across the Curriculum (CAC) courses, please click here.

FLAC at Florida at a glance (Spring 1996 - Spring 2009):

-Total number of Content courses:  102. 
-Total number of FLAC language sections:  129.
-FLAC sections, by language:  Spanish, 90; Portuguese; 15; French, 16; German, 4; Italian, 3; Russian, 1.
-Number of different Content courses:  43.
-Number of different FLAC sections:  48.
-Number of different Faculty instructors:  41 (32 for Content courses, 9 for language sections).
-Number of different Graduate Student instructors of language sections:  49 (Spanish, 40; French, 4; Portuguese, 3; German, 2).
-Number of disciplines represented:  27 (Agriculture, Anthropology, Art, Business, Economics, English, Food and Resource Economics, French, Geography, German, Gerontological Studies, Exercise and Sports Sciences, History, Italian, Latin American Studies, Law, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Portuguese, Public Relations, Religion, Russian, Sociology, Spanish, Telecommunications, Urban/Regional Planning).

-Titles of FLAC sections, by language:
*Latin American Business Environment
*Latin American Music
*Spain and the European Union
*Business and Economics in Latin America
*Contemporary Latin American Politics
*Business and Culture of Sports in the Spanish-Speaking World
*Sports in Spain and Latin America
*Public Relations in the Spanish-Speaking World
*Latin American Civilization
*Contemporary Music in Spanish
*Latino Culture
*Latin American Social Thought
*Religion in Latin America
*Religion and Culture among U.S. Latinos
*Latin American Revolutions
*Puerto Rico:  Culture and Identity
*Mexican Cultural Icons
*Modern Mexico
*U.S - Latin American Cultural Relations
*Central American Politics
*Peoples of the Andes
*Mesoamerican Art
*Survey of International Communication
*Contemporary Latin American History
*Geography and Development in Latin America
*Generational Perspectives in Latin America
*Trade and Investment in Latin America
*Filming Spain:  Gender and National Identity
*Influential Hispanics in the United States
*World Music Ensemble:  Jacaré Brasil
*Brazilian Music
*Business Portuguese
*Contemporary Latin American History
*Tentative title:  Cities of the Portuguese-Speaking World
*France and the European Union
*Business and Culture in the Francophone World
*Marketing U.S. Food Products in the EU
*History of France
*Society and Sexes in Modern Europe
*France in the Caribbean
*Introduction to EU Law
*French Cinema
*The Marshall Plan, the Cold War, and the Origins of the EEC
*Screening Germany:  Reinventing Identity
*Von Rittern und Minnesangern
*The Memory of Trauma:  Europe and the Holocaust
*The Marshall Plan, the Cold War, and the Origins of the EEC
*Filming Italy:  History and Identity
*Human Rights in Italy
*Conversations in Italian Cinema
Russian Popular Culture

To see a semester-by-semester listing of all FLAC courses offered at UF, click here