Interesting Remote Sensing Web Sites


Landsat 7 Data User's Manual

Alexandre Leroux's great table of nearly all satellite-borne sensors (thank you Alex for compiling and maintaining this information!)

ASTER on Terra and Aqua - JPL Web Site

International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation list of sensors


USGS EROS Data Center EarthExplorer

USGS Global Visualization Viewer

Tropical Rain Forest Information Center at Michigan State University

Global Land Cover Facility - University of Maryland. Over 27,000 free Landsat images, SRTM DEM data, MODIS data and data products;

Michigan State University
Michigan State University:

Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP-DAAC), including MODIS and ASTER Data of the United States, Free Download

Chesapeake Bay & Mid-Atlantic from Space at Towson State University

Landsat Pathfinder Program

Earth from Space (Johnson Space Center)  $

NSSDC Photo Gallery: Earth

Goddard DAAC FTP site

Virtually Hawaii: Remote Image Navigator

Satellite Images and Data Sets

The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page

NASA Visible Earth

SCDNR GIS Data Clearinghouse Home Page

Commercial Remote Sensing Image Providers – Other Platforms and Instruments

Space Imaging

Positive Systems, Inc. 


Welcome to ORBIMAGE

Digital Globe

The WWW Virtual Library: Remote Sensing Organizations


Remote Sensing Tutorials

CCRS Remote Sensing Tutorial

CCRS Remote Sensing Glossary Database

The Pixel Page: Ken Castleman's Digital Image Processing (DIP) Page

RSCC VOLUME 3 - Introductory Digital Image Processing


GIS Data & Resources

GIS Data Depot $

Guide to Mostly On-line and Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data

USGS NSDI Clearinghouse - Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles  $

USGS Publications and Data Products  $

USGS: Geo Data - SDTS GIS Data  $

Florida Geographic Data Library

Land Boundary Information System

Florida DEP GIS Data

Digital Chart of the World


RS Classes Elsewhere

University of California, Santa Barbara

Duke University, ENV-357:Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis

Indiana State University

University of Massachusetts, Dr. Chris Duncan, GEO-591R: Remote Sensing

Central Michigan University, Dr. John Althausen, GEO 508: Digital Remote Sensing.

University of South Carolina

Stanford University, Dr. Howard Zebker,
GP40/EE140: The Earth from Space: An Introduction to Remote Sensing

Aerial and Astronaut Photography

Earth from Space - Astronaut acquired imagery of Earth

Gateway to Astronaut Photography Program

Visualization of Remote Sensing Data - Great Images!!