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Favorite Quotes
Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.

On ne tue pas les idees.
      Sarmiento (crossing the Andes into Chile, fleeing the Rosas dictatorship)

Propter pecunium nigram.
    Victor Klemperer

He who turns his back on an injustice opens the door to the next one.
    Willy Brandt

I have come across students more gifted than I am. The question becomes what kind of attitude to take. There are two kinds of teachers, one who wants to find ways to discourage or crush that talent, and the kind who wants to help it blossom.
    Brian Morton

You never really know someone until you see them with power.
    Jorge Solana, Senator (1983-1998), Movimiento Popular Neuqueno, Provincia de Neuquen, Argentina