Associate Scientist

Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida
241 Williamson Hall, PO BOX 112120, Gainesville, FL32611, USA
(Tel) 1.352.392.2720 (Fax) 1.352.392.9294 (Email) kmin(at)ufl(dot)edu





B.Sc. - Seoul National University (1993)
M.Sc. - Seoul National University (1996)
Ph.D. - University of California at Berkeley (2002)

Antonios, Albert, Annette, Arkin and Kyle at the UF REITZ Union (from left to right; summer 2011).

Group Photo2
Diego, Albert, Sam, Jingnan, Ragiv and Chong at the REITZ Union (from left to right; July 2012, celebrating hard work during the summer!)

Another photo near the "new rock" in front of the Geology Building.

Ruxin, Gabriel, Ryan, Kyle, Lindsay, Diego, Angel and Wenyuan at the new "Outcrop of Honor" in the Geology Building (from left to right; summer 2013). Yes, we worked hard on (U-Th)/He dating over the hot summer!

Another shot with all members (after a coffee break at the REITZ Union).

Kyle, Mike, Ryan, Angel, Hui, and Lina at "Copper Monkey" (from left to right; spring 2016, farewell party for Hui). It was fun to talk about thermochronology with you guys during the semester!

Manuela, Kyle, Ying and Yao at "Gator Suyaki" (
from left to right; fall 2016). Hope Ying learned a lot about (U-Th)/He dating during his short visit. Manuela and Yao sure did during their extended stay in my lab. The food there was so delicious, yes, it was pig gut!

Geochronology Workshop (New Mexico Tech_2017)
Kyle (UF), Kevin (NM Tech), Jay's Family (3; Syracuse), Leah (USGS-Denver) and Paul (BGC) (from left to right; spring 2017). After Geochronology Workshop at New Mexico Tech. I really enjoyed the workshop and the after-hour meetings with many geochronologists. Thanks, Matt and Jake!