A Timeline of Jewish History
The Biblical Period
2000-1700 BCE (approx)  The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
1700-1250 BCE (approx) Slavery in Egypt
1250 BCE (approx) Exodus from Egypt
Tribal Confederation rules Canaan
1020 BCE (approx)
Monarchy established under Saul
Founding of First Commonwealth (under David)
1000 BCE
Solomon Builds Temple in Jerusalem
928-726 BCE  Divided Kingdoms (Israel & Judah)
  • 726 BCE 
Northern Kingdom (Israel) Falls
  • 586 BCE
The Destruction of the First Temple, Judah Falls
586-538 BCE Babylonian Exile
The Second Temple Period
515 BCE Second Temple Completed Under Persians
311 BCE Alexander the Great Conquers Israel
167-135 BCE Hasmonean Period
63 BCE
Roman Rule
66-72 CE The Great Revolt
70 CE
The Destruction of the 2nd Temple
The Talmudic Period
135 Bar Kokhba Revolt
200 Mishnah Compiled
425 (approx) Palestinian Talmud Completed
550 (approx) Babylonian Talmud Completed
The Medieval Period
632-680 The Islamic Conquests
1095 First Crusade; Jews Massacred across Europe
Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, Massacre Jews and Muslims
1240 Paris Disputation & Burning of Talmud
1290 Jews Expelled from England
Jews Expelled from France
1492 Expulsion of the Jews from Spain following century of Inquisition
1516 First Ghetto in Venice
The Modern Period
Ottoman/Turkish rule of Palestine
1791 Jews Granted French Citizenship
1878 Petah Tikvah (first Jewish settlement in modern Palestine)
1881 Pogroms in E. Europe spur massive migration to North America
1897 First Zionist Congress
Britain Conquers Palestine and rules until 1948
1933-1945 The Holocaust
1948 Creation of the State of Israel

Adapted from http://shakti.trincoll.edu/~kiener/RELG109_TimeLine.html