Judaism and Politics
Dr. Kenneth Wald
Fall, 2013

CPO 4727, Section 02C5
JST 3930, Section 948

Course Overview

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Freud on Jewishness
Time Line of Jewish History
Jewish Population in the World
Dispersion of the Jewish Nation
Psalm 137
Meier Kahane
The Zealots
Two Perspectives on the Court Jew
Article VI of the U.S. Constitution

The George Washington Letter

Letter to George Washington
Jewish Population Distribution in the United States
Socio-Economic Traits of the American Jewish Community
Pew Survey of American Jews, 2013
Jewish Denominational Differences
Elazar Typology of Jewish Involvement
Links to National Jewish Organizations in the US
Great Miami Jewish Federation
Jewish Council of North Central Florida
"Termites in the House" - AJC Radio Episode on Discrimination
"The People Take the Lead" - AJC Radio Episode on Anti-Semitism
American Jewish Support for Israel Slide Show
American Jewish Attitudes to Church and State
Jewish Members of the U.S. Congress (2013)
Jews in the Obama Administration
Attitudes to Jewish Candidates - An Experiment
Jewish Presidential Voting, 1948-2008
Puzzling Politics of American Jews - full text version
Puzzling Politics of American Jews - powerpoint version
AJC Survey of Jewish Attitudes: 2012, 2012 (pre-election), 2012 (Florida voters)
PRRI Fact Sheet on American Jews
Jewish Religious Observance in Israel
Israeli Declaration of Independence
Law of Return
Israel's Symbols
"I'm Jewish" video
Israel: Jewish State or State of the Jews?
The Sticker Song
Israel Election Results 2013
Israeli Government 2013
Israeli Views on Synagogue and State
What American Jews Think about Synagogue and State in Israel

Gaza Withdrawal - powerpoint
Arch of Titus
Maimonides on War
The Seven Nations
Numbers 10:9