Greek Cities: Sparta, Ancient, Medieval and Modern
(Wednesday 10-E1)

Instructor K. Kapparis
Teaching Assistant: Ken Silverman


W.1: Introduction:
The Geography of Sparta TESTING
The Trojan Wars
Suggested viewing: Troy

Introductory Powerpoint

W. 2: Early Sparta:
The Messenian Wars
The Laws of Lycurgus
Readings: Alcman: The Partheneion, Tyrtaios

Powerpoint: Messenian Wars

Section 1. The Spartan Way of Life

W. 3: The Spartan Constitution in the Classical Period
Reading: Extracts from Xenophon, Lacedaemonian Constitution (Sections VIII-XV)

Spartan Constitution

W. 4: The upbringing of boys (agoge) and the values of a Spartan
Reading 1: Plutarch Lysander
Reading 2: Extracts from Xenophon, Lacedaemonian Constitution (Sections I-VII)

Agoge Powerpoint

Viewing: The Spartan warriors: documentary (3 parts)

W. 5: Women and Family Life
Readings: Plutarch Lucurgus

Spartan Women PowerPoint

W. 6: Economy and Society

Spartan Economy Powerpoint

W. 7: Buildings and surviving monuments of Ancient Sparta

Modern and ancient sparta: a guide

Extracts from the description of Pausanias

Spartan Monuments

W. 8: Midterm Test

W. 9: SPRING-BREAK (No Class)

Section 2. Wars and Spartan Might

W. 10: The rise of Sparta
The Persian Wars
The Battles of Thermopylai and Plataia
Readings: Extracts from Herodotos


W. 11: The Peloponnesian War
Readings: Extracts from Thycydides

Peloponnesian War

Viewing: Socratic Athens and The Peloponnesian War

W. 12: Sparta as the Leader of the Greek World
Reading: Plutarch Agesilaos

Spartan Hegemony

W. 13: The King's Peace and the demice of Spartan power.

The Decline of Sparta

Section 3: Sparta in Later Centuries

W. 14: Later Antiquity and Roman Sparta

Hellenistic and Roman Sparta

W. 15: Mystras and Modern Sparta

Mystras Powerpoint

W. 16: Final Test

Two Class Exams (x 50% = 100%)
Generous Extra Credit is built into the course inteded to encourage good preparation and attendance.

Course Materials

Important Readings:

P. A. Cartledge, Sparta and Lakonia: A Regional History 1300-362 BC (London 1979)
P. A. Cartledge, The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece (Paperback - 2004)
P. A. Cartledge, Agesilaos and the Crisis of Sparta (London 1987)
D. M. MacDowell, Spartan Law (Edinburgh I986)
N. Bagnall, The Peloponnesian War: Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Greece by Nigel Bagnall (Hardcover - 2006)